India Post:Can Any One Make out its Head n Tail

By Anil Kr Pujara

India Post silently revised the rates of Speed Post from Rs.25/= to Rs.39/=. It also revised \"indianspeed post rates of letters within the city from Rs.12/= to Rs.19/=. Be as it is, there was no rational for Rs. 12/= n Rs.25= but now revising the speed post rates to Rs.19/= n Rs. 39 is beyond the imagination n common mans comprehension. More illogical is the pricing of stamps more particularly Sachin, 200yrs of Indian Museum n Jagjit Singh. Sachin Stamps are priced at Rs.20/= each. U fix stamp of Rs20/= n incurr Rs.1/= extra as charges of local speed post are Rs.19/=. The same will be the fate if u make spped post for distance place. Against required expenditure of Rs.39/= u are compelled to spend Rs.40/=. If u dont use stamps, u are forced to leave balnce of Rs.1/= with the counter as there is never ever chillar at the counter with concerned officials.

What is the logic of pricing Souvenir sheet of Rs.45/= to commemorate the 200 years of Indian Museum- Kolkata.Can anyone enlighten?

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3 Responses to India Post:Can Any One Make out its Head n Tail

  1. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Some practical aspects, difficulties, inconveniences, poor-logical with its ‘side effects’ have been highlited by Mr Pujara…. All this is a demotivating act and need ‘reforms’…. Let us hope some authority will realise this fact and take suitable/logical steps to remove all the ‘disparities’…. Thanks

  2. Sandeep says:

    Perhaps it is best to use the bar-coded stickers in speed post. Souvenir sheets are for collection.

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