New Spanish Stamps on Centenaries of Royal Housing Patronage Foundation of Seville and Real Racing Club Santander

\"spanishSpain has issued two stamps on 100 Years of the Housing Patronage of Sevilleand the Real Racing Club Santander (Royal Racing Club Santander).The Royal Housing Patronage Foundation of Seville was created in 1913 with the purpose of building social housing for workers and families in need. The foundation was supported by King Alfonso XIII who, due to the shortage of housing in the city, ordered the construction of the first homes under the protection of the Cheap Housing Law. In accordance to what appears in the Deed of Incorporation of the Board of Trustees, the purpose was “The construction of economical housing destined for occupation by workers in general, small farmers, employees … who receive modest salaries”. In collaboration with the City Council, the Church and other institutions from Seville, this Board of Trustees immediately undertook the construction of the first group of houses, next to which a school was built for the tenants’ children.

During the last 100 years, theHousing Patronage of Sevillehas built more than 12,000 homes, destined in their entirety to the neediest. At the beginning of the years 2000 and 2001, the institution played a decisive part in the elimination of shanties in the city center by re-housing the evicted families.

The stamp is illustrated with a composition of brightly coloured houses and the emblem of theRoyal Housing Patronage Foundation of Seville, the first patronage of these characteristics to be founded in Spain.

In 1913, under the name of Santander Racing Club,the current Real Racing Club Santander (Royal Racing Club Santander) was established, being the only Cantabrian football club that has played in the First Division. Racing originally began as a simple team, full of encouragement and sportsmanship, but then became one of the ten founding clubs of the First Division in 1928, after competing against and beating other more important teams. Its history includes having remained in the First Division for 44 seasons, being classified on several occasions in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) and having participated in four international competitions: the first in the Paris International Tournament (1931) and the last, in the UEFA Cup 2008-2009.

A photograph of the club’s beginnings can be seen on the stamp, featuring the foundation’s Minutes, Racing’s emblem and the dates 1913-2013, all in green, white and black shades, according to the team’s colours.

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