INDIA POST Issued Stamps on Jagjit Singh

\"jagjit\"jagjitPrime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh today released a set of two commemorative stamps (Setenant) in honour of late ghazal singer Jagjit Singh on his 73rd birth anniversary.\”There is a special place for Jagjit Singh in the history of music in India. I am glad to release a commemorative stamp in his honour. He was a unique artist and excelled in all genres of music, but he will be remembered the most for his ghazals,\” said Singh.\”He dedicated his whole life to music. He faced a lot of struggle in his personal life andstill he continued his work. Artists like him are born once in a hundred years and I would like to pay a tribute to this legendary singer,\” he said.Along with PM Manmohan Singh and Sibal, Jagjit Singh\’s wife Chitra Singh was also present. \"jagjit

.Jagjit Singh (February 8, 1941 – October 10, 2011 ) was a prominent Indian Ghazal singer, composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur. Popularly known as \”The Ghazal King\” he gained acclaim together with his wife, another renowned Indian Ghazal singer Chitra Singh, in the 1970s and 1980s, as the first ever successful duo act (husband-wife) in the history of recorded Indian music. He has sung in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Sindhi and Nepali languages.

He was awarded India\’s third highest civilian honour, the Padma Bhushan, in 2003. Jagjit singh suffered an intracranial hemorrhagic stroke, or bleeding within the skull. This kind of bleeding could occur when a blood vessel within the skull is broken or leaking. Widely credited for the revival and popularity of Ghazal , an Indian classical art form, by simplifying the complex form of Ghazals in to a more simpler form of Ghazals by amalgamating Ghazal and Geet. His music became popular in mass media through films such as Prem Geet (1981), Arth and Saath Saath (1982), and TV serials Mirza Ghalib (1988) and Kahkashan (1991). Jagjit Singh is considered to be the most popular ghazal singer and composer of all time, in terms of commercial success. With a career spanning over five decades and a repertoire comprising 80 albums the range and breadth of his work has been regarded as genre-defining. He is the only composer and singer to have composed and recorded songs written by Prime Minister – Atal Behari Vajpayee, also a critically acclaimed poet – in two albums, Nayi Disha (1999) and Samvedna (2002). India\’s current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur are known to be his avid admirers. On May 10, 2007, in a milestone joint session held in the historic Central Hall of India\’s Parliament (Sansad Bhawan), Jagjit Singh rendered the last Moghul Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar\’s famous ghazal \”Lagta nahin hai dil mera\” to commemorate the 150th anniversary of India\’s First War of Independence (1857). He is regarded as one of India\’s most influential artistes. Together with sitar legend Ravi Shankar and other leading figures of Indian classical music and literatureHe had lent active support to several philanthropic endeavors such as the library at St. Mary\’s School, Mumbai, Bombay Hospital, CRY, Save the Children and ALMA.

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14 Responses to INDIA POST Issued Stamps on Jagjit Singh

  1. AJAY PATIL says:

    तुमको देखा तो ये खयाल आया
    जिंदगी धूप, तुम घना साया

    आज फिर दिल ने एक तमन्ना की
    आज फिर दिल को हम ने समझाया

    तुम चले जाओगे तो सोचेंगे
    हमने क्या खोया हमने क्या पाया

    हम जिसे गुनगुना नहीं सकते
    वक़्त ने ऐसा गीत क्यों गाया…..!!!

  2. AJAY PATIL says:

    Jab naam tera pyar se……likhti hai ungliyan. . .meri taraf jamane ki uthti hai ungliyan . . . . .lovely ghazal…

  3. AJAY PATIL says:

    ab se door ho gaye ho uss din se hee sanam, bas din tumhare aane ke ginti haiN oongliyaN…..

  4. AJAY PATIL says:

    Mujhe gam hai ki maine zindagi mein kuch nahin paaya,
    Yeh gam dil se nikal jaaye agar tum milne aajao,
    Yeh mausam bhi badal jaaye agar tum milne aajao…

  5. AJAY PATIL says:

    aag ka kya hai, pal do pal me lagti hai,
    bujhte bujhte ke jamaana lagta hai,

    tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hai…

  6. AJAY PATIL says:

    Koi yeh kaise bataye ke woh tanha kyun hai..
    woh jo apna tha kabhi aur kisi ka kyun hai..
    yehi duniya hai toh phir aisi yeh duniya kyun hai…
    yehi hota hai toh aakhir yehi hota kyun hai….

  7. AJAY PATIL says:

    apne hothon par sajaana chahta hun,
    aa tujhe main gungunana chahta hun…

  8. AJAY PATIL says:

    ik musafir ke safar jaisi hai ye duniya,
    koi jaldi me to koi der se jaane wala

  9. AJAY PATIL says:

    Tune aawaaz nahin di kabhi mudkar warna,
    hum kayee sadiyaan tujhe ghoomake dekha karte…

  10. AJAY PATIL says:

    Dafn kar do hamein ke saans mile, nabz kuch der se thami si hai…
    Aaj phir aapki kami si hai…

  11. AJAY PATIL says:

    Teri surat jo bhari rehati hai aankhon mein sada
    Ajanabi log bhi pehchaane se lagate hai mujhe
    Tere rishton mein toh duniya hi duniya hi piro li maine….!!!

  12. AJAY PATIL says:

    Teri surat jo bhari rehati hai aankhon mein sada
    Ajanabi log bhi pehchaane se lagate hai mujhe
    Tere rishton mein toh duniya hi duniya hi piro li maine….

  13. AJAY PATIL says:

    Bhulkar tumako na ji paayenge -2
    Saath tum hogi jahaan jaayenge
    Hum koyi waqt nah hai hum dum
    Jab bulaaogi chale aayenge
    Jab saamane tum -2 aa jaate ho
    Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai
    Kuchh mil jaata hai, kuchh kho jaata hai
    Kya jaaniye kya ho jaata hai..

  14. AJAY PATIL says:

    Tune duniya ki nigaahon se jo bachkar likhe
    Saal ha saal mere naam baraabar likhe
    Kabhi din mein toh kabhi raat ko uthkar likhe
    Tere khushbu mein base

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