How philately will survive?

By Vijay Kumar Jain

Here are three special covers on NMCC dated 08 January 2014 obtained from Nagercoil.It is apparent from the images that all the covers are defective.

\"philately(1)On first cover the stamp is not cancelled and Hindi cancellation is unclear.
\"philately\"philately(2)On second and third cover stamps are not cancelled in upright manner. All the cancellations are tilted.
Untrained staff at philately bureau commits such acts resulting in agony and immense mental harassment to the customers. With such actions of staff it is sure \’Philately will not survive\’.

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8 Responses to How philately will survive?

  1. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal says:

    The staff at Philatelic Bureau’s are not trained at all and also shortage of staff.


    Philately may or may not survive, but it can
    hardly bear issue of so many Special Covers
    every year.

    Now, cover lovers are increasingly having the
    covers autographed. This too I find disgusting
    as this, in a way, puts the person signing above
    Postage Stamps. Uncomfortable, is not it!

    • g. ramkumar says:

      apart from the above cited reply i would like to state that prior to first april, 2013 the fdc costs only 2 rupees but if we buy it now the post office charges rupees five in the current market price. this is because the rate of the cover is not printed but the brochure costs rupees two as the price is printed. can any one reply whether it is correct procedure of the postal department to charge existing price for the old fdcs

  3. N.A. Mirza says:

    Dear Mr. Jain: Such mistake will not make philately die. On the contrary they will help is having variety and one can build a theme on VARIEITY.
    When franking started over a decade ago, it was felt that there would be no need of stamps in the near future and that a time would soon come when people would not find these tiny pieces which we philatelists and collectors so fondly collect, arrange in our albums and discuss the events commmorated. But there is no decrease in the issuance of stamps. On the contrary the numbers have increased. And this is evident from the stamp exhibitions organised almost every two months in various parts of India. Now collectors have their own designs and their own creativity defeats the postal authorities’ designs and cancellations. There are collectors who point out the lapses on the postal authorities, the lethargic attitudes of the officialdom, the mistake on the stamps and first day covers etc. etc.

    Some 15 years ago I had read a paper in one of the gatherings. At the end, one of the listeners in a question-answer session asked me about the future of the stamps because of franking in existence. I answered that franking would not affect the release of stamps. The gentleman had his doubts. I explained that franking machines would mainl be used in urban areas and cannot reach the small villages; that the more than 70 percent of the world population and the countries are not advanced; that countries in most continents still have villages; that people still prefer post boxes at the end of street corners and do not prefer to visit post offices. So, franking would not pose a threat to stamps. He reluctantly agreed and we see even the m0st advanced and developed countries issuing stamps even today as these stamps serve as CAMPAIGNERS.

    So, Mr. Jain let us all be optimistic as on this forum we are optimists.
    N.A. Mirza

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Hon’ble N A Mirza,
      It appears that you have not perused the news item.
      A cancellation is meant for cancelling the stamp and when the stamp is not cancelled then it makes the special cover worthless.For obtaining a special cover we have to spend money for cover and postage as well.These disgusting acts are economically and mentally harassing.Repitition of such acts adversely affects the morale of a philatelist.


    In truth what happens to me personally is
    that less than 5% of the mail I get is stamped.
    The rest is franked.

    For more than a century & a few decades stamps
    was the most convenient way to pay for a message.
    Now civilization has evolved & found several other
    ways to carry out the same purpose that are even
    more convenient, it seems.

  5. N.A. Mirza says:

    Dear Mr. Jain. Thanks for pointing out the careless atttitude of the post office staff . I did notice it and that’s I said it constitutes a VARIETY. There was a time when post office staff meticulously used to do their job and this is the reason that errors had to be searched and looked for. But today errors in many formats, like colour combination, wrong cancellation, dull printing, gradation in shades, etc etc. are common. And this helps a collector make a comparative study. Such a study is time consuming, demands time and the resource. On this forum we have seen articles written by Mr. Anil Pujara, Shri Anurag Vajpayee, Dr. Shridhar Jain and many others which help a collector know the trends.
    N.A. Mirza

  6. g. ramkumar says:

    apart from this the cover released by philatelic club with the help of postal philatelic bureau they charge an hectic amount for a cover with cancellation and if we ask for the reason they put the blame on philatelic bureau as they have to change the designs in accordance with the postal specifications several times which increases the price to compensate their loss so for our collection there is no other way instead to buy

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