13 New Philatelic Bureaus will be Inaugurated Soon

By Anil Kr Pujara

It is learnt from reliable sources that India Post is opening 13 new Philatelic  Bureaus in the first phase with effect from 01. 03.2014. The new centers identified are

\"philatelicSRI NAGAR,LEH








At present there are 66 civilian and 2 CBPOs are working across the country. This will take the number to 81. There is all probability that by the year end another 15 will be added. It will take the number to 96. The centers identified for next phase is yet to be finalized.

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10 Responses to 13 New Philatelic Bureaus will be Inaugurated Soon

  1. Vijay Kumar Jain says:

    Three bureaus alone in Delhi!
    The main problem is understaffed bureaus and untrained personnel.
    Had India post done something for providing properly trained staff in bureaus it would have been a respite for philatelists.

  2. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal says:

    Old philatelic bureaus are facing problem.Delhi Philatelic bureau is the worst. Improve conditions of old bureaus before opening new ones.

    • Sandeep says:

      I totally agree here!
      Actually they should build the new ones, utilizing the debris from the old ones!
      Like we hear that our divestment department plans to give some of the Railways to the ‘public’, it would be better if they do it first with the Post.

  3. Dinu says:

    Situation will not change. I endorse the opinion of Sjt. Jain above
    I have visited Krishnanagar Philately counter, Goldakkhana counter* and Lodhi roard counter, one in inner circle of CP (Here MS of India Philipines was on display , one near Bata showroom in CP (Here some old stamps like one with Jeevanannadam was displayed), Kashimiri gate GPO* and some more (one near Rajouri Garden – shall check my diary and give the name.
    Have faced following, except for * marked place
    -What is philately?
    – Material not available?
    – In lodhi road – material is available in Treasury; Got one full sheet, though my need was for a block of 4, of Save the Polar region and 2 sheetlet of Dilwara and Rankapur.
    – * In Kashmiri gate – Only one MS of Postal Heritage building (13/05/2010) was available – no recent supply – visit date was approx Mid 2011.
    – * In Gol dak khana – Visit to get the experience – Counter sales all sort of revenue stamps, fee stamps, officer is too overloaded with those to give proper attention to a philatelist.

    About Calcutta Swamiji’s Pictorial cancellation – visited GPO and the post office – have chronicled my experience – earlier in Philamirror.

    Writing this while travelling – hence typo , wrong grammar, wrong punctuation should be forgiven

  4. prakash bubkiya says:

    I agree with the views of mr vijay kumar jain ,

    same position is at pune g p o ,

    no maintenance of office, dislike every one, even adjoining p m g office ,

    & nobody care of philately bureao at pune ,

  5. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    Kolkata G.P.O. is worst. Limited staff unable to manage the huge number of standing accounts. Irregular supply of new issues. First set right the running Philatelic Bureaus properly and then open the new Bureaus.

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Kolkata gpo is the most corrupt.Kolkata gpo through their email dt 20 nov 2013 posted at 1811 hrs promised a customer to furnish special covers through PDA but after opening the account they denied to furnish the special covers. It is breach of promise and is a criminal offence.
      The customer is now taking appropriate legal action.Now they will realise that law is supreme.

  6. Dinu says:

    Mumbai GPO My experience
    After seeing stamps for sale on their website ( it was not mentioned anywhere that any stamps ordered here will be dispatched only after fulfilling the requirement of PDAC accounts of same bureau and absence of some other information about the I shall submit some further details later after returning to home ) I have placed order for few stamps, which were displayed on site, under order number 1160 during xx January 14.

    Have sent the required money by money order. Got a phone call that my ordered stamps , most of them ( released in second half of 2013) are not available. I should call a number . Called that number in bureau and became totally confused by reply received.

    Have written email to know status but have not received any response.
    Waiting to return to home to do further follow up. Experience with Singapore post and USA POST is vastly different on positive side.

    They update stocks almost every second day. And if some one orders -anything among displayed stamp on date ( payment possible by credit card with IP not) stamps are 99% available.

    Delhi Gpo staffs are better only managers cannot manage – might be unwilling to manage

  7. Secretary, HPHS says:

    It is really heartening to note that many new Philatelic Bureaus have been opened. Good for the local Philatelists. But for how long? In Hyderabad, it is the experience of our Members of the Hyderabad Philatelic & Hobbies Society that many a times, stamps are not(REPEAT NOT) in time, on the day of the issue and if at all received, aren’t in sufficient quantity to sell to the Philatelist.There is none to assure that more quantity of stamps will be received soon thereafter. Overall dejection for the philatelists, race starts to get the stamps, at times at a premium from other sources. I will say it is an artificial scarcity which can be avoided with a foresight and planning.
    So in a nut-shell, opening of new Bureaus is welcomed, it will be better if we can streamline distribution of stamps at all the Bureaus.
    Who will do it? Surely, I can’t do it nor probably other individual or a Society ought to teach the Deptt for an effective distribution.
    Let us hope that availability of the stamps in all the Bureaus is assured and it becomes a joyous visit to the Philatelist Temple.

  8. A wishful thinking of all d philatelists. But no logic is understood in choosing new location of new 13 Bureaus. Can any one explain the logic of opening Bureau at Leh/Srinagar/ Gurgaon/Dharam Sala.Agra Bureau has not received the cancellations/designs since long. Pudducherry Bureau is defunt since time immemorial.Kurnool Bureau has not issued any fdc since old era.These are not isolated cases but illustrative. Silliguri Bureau has not recd design of 100yrs of cinema catchet. No fdc of Philatelly day is recd at Siliguri bureau.OH GOD-SAVE THE KING N KINGDOM.

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