Romania’s Cities on New Stamps

\"romaiaThe Administrative Palace (the City Hall) of Arad, illustrated on the postage stamp with the face value of lei 2.00, hosts The City Hall and the Institution of the Prefect, being built between 1872 and 1876, based on the blueprints of architect Odon Lechner from Budapest. Due to financial constraints, the building’s design was later modified by architect Pekar Ferenc, from Arad.Belonging to the eclectic current, the building combines the Flemish Neo-Renaissance style with that of the late Medieval city halls. U-shaped, its 54 metres tall tower houses a clock brought from Switzerlandin 1878.

The original windows of the grand lobby have been replaced with stained glass windows created by Sever Frentiu, an internationally known artist from Arad. The theme of the stained glass windows illustrates Timeby means of two cycles, that of the seasons and the months of the year.

The Old Orthodox Cathedral, depicted on the stamp with the face value oflei 2.10, is an example of classic Neo-Baroque, more befitting to the Western church of the 19th century architecture style, rather than that of contemporary orthodox churches.

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