New Book on Philately:Jammu and Kashmir (Vol-1) by Iqbal Nanjee

\"akhtarBy Akhtar ul Islam Siddiqui

The Introduction:State of Jammu and Kashmir was, from 1846 until 1947, a princely state in the British Empire in India, and was ruled by a Maharaja. The Postage Stamps and Postal History book details a pretentious version on the subject, covering from 1866 to 1877 and this 300 page book on such a short period is the first if its kind. The collection of such a historic study with comprehensive details in one book is by Mr. Iqbal H. Nanjee and is a very worthy effort. He is the person who has achieved remarkable awards and appreciations in the field of Philately during the last two decades.

The Discoveries of J&K :The Jammu & Kashmir, Vol. I contain unfamiliar and in depth\"philatelic study of postal history, which has never been fully illustrated and explained before in full colour.This book collects the major aspects of postal history which includes brief summary on the subject, Postal Routes discussed with distances, the complex study of the colours, missing dies, designs, varieties including plating, figures and scarcity/provenance and is an exhaustive revelation.

The different types of scripting, a calendar conversion to decipher the time given on the used examples of covers and cancellation, and paper types are also discussed in detail.

In every chapter something new has been introduced. The State postal System with postmark has illustrated examples of Postmarks with value chart. Similarly the Imperial postal marking study consisting of Circular, Triangular and Duplexes alongwith transit markings of Sialkot, Murree & Rawalpindi.

The Study of Jammu Circulars Dies ½ a, 1a and 4as with design, watercolours, Special production, oil colours and reprints has been discussed with new discoveries. This section updates the previous research of the great collectors as well. The attempt to make a chart with the collection of the images of the die shades is indeed commendable. This is for the first time in the history that a chart has been made with references. The real colour printing makes all this possible.

The chapter on Forgeries includes Die, Missing Die, Die X, Long Tail and Brighton forgeries discussed with the illustrated features to identify these dies. The Jammu plate with transitional printing study has also been provided with illustrated example.

The comprehensive study in the chapters of Old Rectangulars of Jammu & Kashmir and the study of the Single and Composite Plate dies discussed with shades include the charts of the whole chapter which describes the importance and purity of the research. Forgeries are also discussed with the illustrated examples and pointing out differences to ensure the genuine pieces as every item of Jammu & Kashmir is a precious treasure today. This chart is also seen for the first time.

Last but not the least, the collections of treasures belonging to Jammu & Kashmir are depicted in detail with provenances of the great Philatelic scholars, which is indeed a treat for all, though this can never be covered comprehensively. Every single page of this book has philatelic importance and is highly recommended to the collectors and researchers of all subjects.

This book is indeed a landmark study in the philatelic history of Asia and is indeed registered as a milestone and an example for philatelic study of any of the great Princely States of this region.

The Editors:This book has been published with contributions and valuable help from Mr. Rafiq Kasbati, Mr. Ejaz Reza, Mr. Rolf-Dieter Jaretzky and Mr. David Feldman. Last but not the least, credit must be given to the very worthy contribution made by Mr. Usman Tahir, who poured over all the literature, web-sites and books on the subject from scratch in order to keep pace with the writing of the book, which took seven long years.

The Publisher & Printers:This book has been printed and published by Pakistan Post Foundation Press, Karachi, Pakistan with valuable help from Mr. Adil Salahuddin, General Manager of the Pakistan Post Foundation Press, Karachi – Pakistan.

Launch Ceremony of Book:The induction of book ceremony was held at Hotel Jabees, Saddar, Karachi on Sunday, November 24, 2013. Glimpses of the event are shown in the photo gallery. The initial copies were also sent to “Brasiliana2013” World Stamp Exhibition at Brazil (USA).

The book is available From:

Mr. Iqbal Nanjee, 301-303, 3rd Floor  Commerce Centre, Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi-74000. Pakistan.

Phone: (+9221) 32210986-88, 32634715.

FAX: (+9221) 32637052



Collectors  can also purchase this book from Pakistan Philately, 22-J-Z Madina Town Faisalabad,Pakistan,

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