New Romanian Stamps on Corund Ceramics

\"romaniaAs a promoter of spiritual and cultural values, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue Traditions – Corund Ceramics, Harghita County.The pottery craftsmanship dates back to the 6th millennium B.C. on the territory of Romania.Over the years, the centers specialized in the pottery technique were spread on the entire territory inhabited by the ancestors of today’s Romanians. At European level, Romaniais the only country which has entirely preserved the pottery craftsmanship.

The value of creation in the field of the aforementioned craftsmanship has been unanimously recognized all over the world, since creation centers like Curtea de Arges, Poienita, Stroiesti, Marginea, Radauti or Paltinoasa are acknowledged as genuine brands.

The creation of a prestigious area of pottery has entered the UNESCO world heritage by the original decoration bearing the image of “Horezu cock”.

Through form, proportions and chromatics, the pottery defines the potters’ inventiveness and inspiration who used the Greek-Roman influences and subsequently those of the migratory people, while keeping the specificity of the Romanian region.

The ceramics accompanied the human communities through history, being present in all spiritual manifestations thereof.

Created in a wide chromatic variety (white, blue, brown or multicolour), the Szekely ceramics of Corund stands out by floral ornaments (the tulip) and zoomorphic ornaments (the deer, the bird), stylized with a lot of imagination.

In Corund pottery center, the craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation and there are here, today, about 200 potters.

From a clay ball, they make genuine jewels which reached almost all corners of the world, taking with them the fame of Corund potters.

The decoration of these pottery objects is made with special pigments, the most frequent ones being cobalt blue, green, yellow and brick-red.

The postage stamps issue Traditions – Corund Ceramics, Harghita County, consisting of four stamps with the face values of lei 3.30,lei 3.60,lei 5.00andlei 8.10, illustrates Corund pottery objects decorated in a specific cobalt blue chromatics with floral and zoomorphic motifs, the background revealing graphic representations of the motifs which decorate the objects.

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