Croatia:Stamp on International Human Solidarity Day : friar Mladen Hrkać

\"croatiaCroatia has issued   stamp in sheet of 8 stamps on  International Human Solidarity Day .UN organization proclaimed in 2006, 20 of December as International Human Solidarity Day in order to highlight the importance of solidarity and remind to all those who need help the most. Herzegovinian Franciscan Mladen Hrkać (Izbično, Široki Brijeg, 19 December 1950 – Zagreb, 8 August 2010) saw his brothers in all people. With the same extent and seriousness he approached to religious teaching, preaching, and pastoral conversation like that, that one should stand in defense of the weak, disempowered, and that you must raise your voice that one should stand in front of tanks.

He was vicar, dean, guardian and educator of young monks. He will be remembered as the guardian ofMonastery in Široki Brijeg who in 1991, at the time of stopping tanks of Yugoslavian army in Polog, had a key role in preventing the escalation of the conflict.He is the priest who, not only that he listened the crowd, was highly respected by the political representatives of that time and who stood up as one of the most responsible for the peaceful resolution of the conflicts.In Zagreb, on 16 June, humanitarian organization “Fra Mladen Hrkać” was established with the goal of providing information, financial and logistic assistance to people with health problems who live outside Croatia, and come for medical treatment in Zagreb.Through the work of this organization, continues everything that friar Mladen Hrkać lived, and that is selfless assistance to all in need.

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