New Stamps of Estonia

90th Anniversary of Estonian Olympic Committee

\"estoniaEstonia has issued a stamp to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Olympic Committee.The Estonian Olympic Committee was established on December 8, 1923. Then head of state, Dr. Karl Akel, was elected chairman of the organization and he worded the aims of the Olympic Committee as introduction and promotion of physical culture as a result of which the people of Estonia could be healthier, more determined and self-confident.These values worded ninety years ago are still being born by the Estonian Olympic Committee, the umbrella organization of domestic sports today.

Heads of state : Jaan Tonisson

\"jaanEstonia issued a stamp within the series Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia dedicated to Jaan Tonisson.Jaan Tonisson, (born December 22, 1868 – died 1941 or after), Estonian statesman, lawyer, newspaper editor, and civic leader who opposed Russian (tsarist and communist) domination of his country.In 1905, after a revolution had broken out in Russia, Tonisson founded the National Liberal Party in Estonia and in 1906 sat in the first Russian Duma (legislative assembly). Although he was expelled from Estonia by the Bolsheviks late in 1917, he took part in negotiations for Allied recognition of Estonian independence.

During his term as prime minister (1919–20), Estonia, having repulsed the Red Army, obtained favorable peace terms from the Soviet Union. He later served Estonia as president (1927–28, 1933) and foreign minister (1931–32). Arrested by Soviet occupation forces in 1940, he was last heard of in a Tartu jail the following year.

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