Italy Issued Stamp on 50th Anniversary of Adnkronos Foundation

\"adnkronosItaly  issued a stamp within the series “Made in Italy” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Adnkronos.Adnkronosis anItaliannews agency. It was established in 1963 by amergerof two agencies, Kronos (founded in 1951) and Agenzia Di Notizie (founded in 1959).

The agency is owned by Giuseppe Marra Communications.In 2003, it launched its International office (Adnkronos International), with news and reports in Arabicand English, mainly from the Arab world.

The agency also publishes Illibrodeifatti, the Italian edition of theWorld Almanac.

The stamp shows, at the top, the logo of the press agency Adnkronos, the name of which is repeated all over the surface of the design, representing the constant flow of news.

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