Ukraine Issued Stamp on 150th Birth Anniversary of Olha Kobylianska

\"ukraineUkraine has  issued a stamp to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Olha Kobylianska (1863-1942), a Ukrainian modernist writer and feminist. Her writings were influenced by George Sandand Friedrich Nietzsche. Kobylianska was interested in the Ukrainian peasantry, and often wrote about the lives of these people.She depicted the struggle between good and evil and the mystical force of nature, predestination, magic, and the irrational in many of her stories of peasant life. Her works are known for their impressionistic, lyrical descriptions of nature and subtle psychological portrayals.Kobylianska’s works have been published in many editions and selections. In 1944 a literary memorial museumdedicated to her was opened in Chernivtsi, in the building in which she lived from 1938-1942.

One of her quotes: “Until God gives me my powers and while I live I will work. It is our destiny to work, because the rest for us afterward will be without end.”

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