Philatelic Exhibition on World AIDS Day

\"aids\"aidsBy Dr Pradeep Jain

On 1st Dec AIDS awareness Day a one day exhibition on \”KNOW AIDS- NO AIDS\” was organized at Mahaveer English medium school Balod.During this programme different postal stationeries with slogans on AIDS were exhibited by Dr Pradeep jain. He shared the details about symptoms, methods of spread and preventive aspect of the disease with students & school staff. At the end of the programme open session was organized for awareness among youngsters and a red ribbon club was formed.

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2 Responses to Philatelic Exhibition on World AIDS Day

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    This is how philatelists serve the people and humanity. Sponsored campaigns against AIDS will fail to achieve desired results what this simple but humanitarian effort Dr. Jain put in will achieve. This is exactly called creating awareness from the grassroot levels.

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Very Nice. Congrats Dr. Pradeep Jain. Pl keep it up. Regards

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