New UNPA Stamps on Endangered Species

\"unpaThe United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) issued a set of 12 stamps on 10th October 2013 depicting endangered species. These will be the twenty-first set of stamps in UNPA’s multi-year series Endangered Species.The series was launched in 1993 to highlight the need for the protection of endangered species throughout the world. For this year’s Endangered Species stamps, UNPA is featuring the wonder of nocturnal animals.

The US$ 1.10 stamps depict the following endangered species:

Asian tapir (Tapirusindicus)
Mongoose lemur (Eulemurmongoz)
Flat-headed cat (Prionailurusplaniceps)
Aye-aye (Daubentoniamadagascariensis)

The F.s. 1.40 stamps depict the following endangered species:

Ground pangolin (Smutsiatemminckii)
Potto (Perodicticuspotto)
Philippine tarsier (Tarsiussyrichta)
Livingstone’s flying fox (Pteropuslivingstonii)

The € 0.70 stamps depict the following endangered species:

Banded civet (Hemigalusderbyanus)
Pharaoh eagle-owl (Bubo ascalaphus)
Greater slow loris (Nycticebuscoucang)
Long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus spp.)

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