Royal Mail Commemorates Birth Anniversary of Australian Sculptor Bertram Mackennal

\"royalRoyal Mail is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Bertram Mackennal, an Australian sculptor who designed stamps, with a special Commemorative Sheet of stamps. The stamps, available from 19th September 2013 feature ten definitive sized 1st Class Royal Seal stamps alongside images showing key works from Mackennal. These include the halfpenny green and one penny red stamps from 1912-1913, the George V five shilling Seahorses stamp from 1913 and a commemorative Olympic Games medal from 1908.

 Edgar Bertram Mackennal was born on 12 June 1863 in Melbourne, Australia.Mackennal arrived in the UK at the age of 19 and despite being based for a few years in Paris, most of his life was spent in London. In 1910 he began work on the effigy of King George V for new British and imperial coins and medals, and from this, he developed the designs for the King’s head on British postage stamps and also worked on Indian and colonial stamps. Through this work, he began a lifelong friendship with the king helping to establish his philatelic legacy. In 1921, Mackennal was knighted by King George V.Technical Details:Issue Date:19 Sep 2013,Numbe of stamps: 10 x 1st Class royalty seal stamp, designed by hat-trick, seal made by Neil Oliver, photography by John Ross, Pack and commemorative sheet design: Silk Pearce,Sheet format:A 4,Stamp format:Portrait,Printer:International Security Printers,Process:Lithography,Perforation:Die-cut simulated,Gum:Self Adhesive

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