Masonic Philately

\"masonicBy R.K.Mishra

Stamp on GRAND LODGE OF INDIA   (Masonic) was issued by India Post on 25 11.2011.Masonic Philately (Masonry on Postage Stamps) by definition, philately is the in-depth research and study of postage stamps. A closer examination will reveal different kinds of paper, watermarks embedded in the paper, different cancellations, variations in color shades, or a different gauge of perforations around the edge of the stamps. It follows that Masonic Philately involves any Masonic related image or event that is celebrated by the issuance of that particular stamp. It was on the 6th May 1840, that the first adhesive backed postage stamp in the world was issued in Great Britain. At first glance there is no overt Masonic tie to this stamp, but upon some in depth research we find that it was in fact printed by an engraver named Jacob Perkins, who was also an American Freemason.A combo presentation over the Grand Lodge of India has been created with matching philatelic materials.

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