India Post Released Miniature Sheet on Gandhi to Commemorate Philately Day

\"ms\"fdcIndia Post has today  released a miniature sheet cost Rs. 20/- on Mahatma Gandhi  on the occasion of Philately Day on 12th October 2013.Print Quantity-4.1 Million.

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13 Responses to India Post Released Miniature Sheet on Gandhi to Commemorate Philately Day

  1. P S Seshadri says:

    I hope that this MS will be available at all Phil bureaus


    The Gandhi Khadi stamp issued 2 1/2 years ago
    is trading flat at best.

    Paradoxically, India Post is set to
    make lots of money in Gandhi’s
    name anyway.

  3. jigar desai says:

    has it already released today. if can some 1 send images via whatsapp on 09757287386 as mumbai gpo not issueing it today 12th oct 2013.

  4. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    It seems India Post is bereft of IDEAS. What is the relevance/ connection between Gandhi n Philately day. I am sorry if any one is hurt by this. If at all I ndia Post wanted to connect these two unconnected then instead of using images of old stamps n cancellations, they could have shown Gandhi writing letter. It would have served both purposes. Alas

  5. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Pujara ,Gandh jee has written over customer service “Every visitor
    in our office is an important man ” We have already proposed pictural cancellation for Postal week with India Post’s previous logo “ahirnish seva”
    It was not cleared up to 11th,this all for your informaton

  6. Dinu says:

    I think I read somewhere that Mahatma was also a collector, I do not know if he was a philatelist.
    Agree with Mr. Pujaraji and Mishraji that the stamp could have been more interesting by adopting suggested idea and a new stamp could have been created but only the positive side of this miniature for me is I shall have a positive replica of those old Anna stamp whose price is ( compared with weight of stamp) costlier than gold.

  7. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    The creations (so called) of India Post are bye n large disappointing n disenchanting to majority of the collectors more so when we compare the products of other countries.Because collection is to be kept alive so collection is continuing but otherwise…………….

  8. N.A.Mirza says:

    I agree with S/s Anil Kumar Pujaraji and Dinu ji. What relevance Gandhiji has with philately? India.Post Post could have used images of eminent Indian and non-Indian collectors/philatelists; contributors; highest paid issues; rare Indian issues; ecliptical perforations and reasons for its use on some issues for a short time, etc etc.

    Gandhiji being a collector as said by Mr Dinu is is indeed an information worth finding out and will throw light on this aspect of Gandhiji’s life.
    I have also not read what Mishra quoted and request him to give reference of the said quote if possible

    Mr Pujara rightly feels that the quality of our product is inferior.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Mirzasahab,
      I think I have read it somewhere and on return to my base shall try to get the information and quote here…
      However, in brief the line if I remember correctly run like below
      Within bracket words where my memory fails me

      “…….I used to encourage boys to do ( some kind of social work) and to encourage them used to give (used ) stamps from my collection ……”
      Something on this line. … But humbly speaking I am not sure if he was a collector / philatelist or not.
      If I am not wrong then I have seen it in a Gandhi themed diary.

      Hope I shall be able to clear it before start 2014

    • Dinu says:

      Respected Mirza saab,
      Point 1 – Still I am confused if I can gurantee that our father of the nation was a stamp collector or a philatelist.

      Point 2 – For ease of reading /reference I could have given the picture of the book where I have read it but unable to do so (but can send you personally, in case you need and kindly give me your email id here) due to
      Point 2.1 – I do not know if the source is copyrighted and I am allowed to publish/quote something in web or public domain without consent from the author and without violating copy right act.
      Point 2.2 – Even if he permits or no violation is involved I do not how to upload the scanned image here in this “leave a reply box”.

      So, to support Point 1 of above, request you to take help of internet

      Step 1. Please Go to site

      Step 2 – Kindly down load the ebook titled Abridged Autobiography by Mr. Bharatan Kumarappan

      Step 3 – Kindly open the book (if you are using tablet or iPads then please keep it in portrait orientation – else the page number will be different)

      Please go to Chapter 28 of the book (in the device I have used it was page 92) titled “In India” – Please read para 2 and then please give us your experienced comment to educate we , the novice philatelist like me – if our father of the nation was a philatelist or stamp collector or not.

      By the way quote given by me yesterday was not exactly accurate though the theme was correct. My apology

      Thanks for your kind input.

  9. Dinu says:

    Update about Sansad Marg HPO
    on 18/10/2013
    Stock out
    Nothing more available and all received, very less sold out.
    Stock expected shortly
    Philately is getting stronger and stronger – I believe many have started collecting.

  10. R.K.MISHRA says:

    A customer is the most important visitor on our premises
    He is not dependent on us..
    we are dependent on him.
    He is not an interruption on work..
    he is the purpose of it.
    He is not an outsider to our business..
    he is part of it.
    We are not doing him a favour by serving him..
    He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity do it.
    Compiled from India post publication

  11. Dinu says:

    24/10/13- Update of 22nd – Souvenir sheet still not available – expected shortly further stocks. Whatever little was received was sold.
    Hope PDAC holder gets cancelled FDC as after approx 10/11/2013 it cannot be cancelled anymore.

    2009 Non violence stamp (Rs. 25/_ please refer my earlier write up where I have stated that this stamp was not in year pack of 2009 , delhi Edition,) was there a FDC issued for it or not – I think I have seen somewhere a cancellationmark with hindi word “Ahimsa” (non violence) on it.

    If FDC was issued, Can anyone help me (surely on compensation basis by kind or Cash) one or two of those FDC? Shall prefer two and not more.

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