New Czech Stamps on Kinsky Horses

\"czechKinsky horses (Equus Kinsky) from the Kinsky stud depicted on new stamps by Czech Post belong to the best horse breeds in the Czech Republic. The typical feature is their gold-coloured coat and black (duns) mane. The breeding of horses in Chlumetz stud started in the 17th century. The gold-coloured horses served mainly military and farming purposes. On the Empress Maria Theresa’s order, the breeding programme was extended to cover the army demand during the seven-year war between Austria and Prussia. The stamps depict a Chlumetzer Dun and a Chlumetzer Palomino.The character, colour and ease of ride of these horses make them in high demand by breeders and riders all around the world. The talent of Chlumetzer horses is universal; they can be used for many disciplines from classic dressage to jumping, teaming and hunting. They are frequently saddled as sport horses for children.

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