Brazil Released Stamp on Ground Zero, Amapa

\"brazilIn the new issue, the Brazilian Post is drawing attention to the touristic importance of the Ground Zero Monument on the Equator, as well as spotlighting the culture of the state of Amapa, known as “The Middle of the World,” a tribute that greatly honors the people of Amapa.

Amapa, the only Brazilian state whose capital city is “cut” by the imaginary line that is the Equator and which binds the two hemispheres. It is the only place in the world where the longest river on Earth crosses the Equator. Amapa, home to a people of impeccable culture, a welcoming people with an exotic cuisine, surprising tales and millions of charms. Millions of charms and a special richness to make the sun shine more strongly and perfectly twice a year. This event is the equinox phenomenon, which occurs in the state capital, Macapa, and can be best observed in March and September at the Ground Zero Monument on the Equator.

The monument was built to register the geographical evidence for the Equator and features an obelisk represented by a sundial. It is strategically positioned between the Northern and Southern hemispheres to enable visitors to walk along a physical mark corresponding to the imaginary line. This observation, made with the naked eye, is harmonious and attracts tourists from all over Brazil and the world, making the capital “glow” with academics, researchers, mystics and admirers who gather around the monument.

It lies 5km from the center of Macapa, and consists of a terrace, a space for shows, an exhibition hall, a store selling handcrafted products, and a large parking lot.

The monument is found in the Middle of the World Park, a tourist complex that also includes the Zerao Stadium, where the halfway line of the soccer pitch corresponds to the imaginary line of the Equator; the Sambodrome – the stage where Samba Schools parade and where the Sambodrome Popular Arts School is located.

The stamp portrays the verticality of the Ground Zero. In the background, there is a map of South America, with the state of Amapa highlighted in salmon. A representation of the Equator runs through the state capital, Macapa, which is where the monument is situated. In the foreground, the focus is on the view from the terrace of this tourist site, where the monument shows the dividing line between the two hemispheres, along with some of the surrounding trees. It is also possible to see images of the tourists that visit the place every day. The stamp was produced using digital painting techniques.

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