Faroe Islands :New Stamps on Art of Olivur við Neyst

\"faroeFaroe Islands issued stamps dedicated to the artistic work by Olivur við Neyst. The  stamps give two examples of Olivur við Neyst’s pictorial universe, respectively “Solskin” (sunshine) from 1987 and “Vestaravag” (The West Harbour) from 1989.

Olivur við Neyst was born in Klaksvik in 1953. Already as a youngster he began to paint and exhibit – and his talent soon became clear to anyone. He was admitted to the Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1975, where he was taught by artists like Richard Winther and Wilhelm Freddie – and 1979-81 he attended the art educational line with Helge Bertram.In the eighties Olivur við Neyst returned to the Faroe Islands and established himself in Torshavn with other aspiring young artists. This generation moved the boundaries in Faroese art from the sometimes bleak and stodgy to the colourful and multifaceted.

Olivur við Neyst’s motifs are especially city landscapes. But human behaviour and landscape variations are also part of his expression. In addition to oil painting Olivur also works with watercolour, and has created a wide selection of book illustrations from the Faroese universe.

It is the artist’s privilege to mix the visual impression with the mood at the moment and leave it to us to mull over.

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