Dandi March

\"dandiThe Most Inspiring Chapter in the History of India’s Freedom Struggle

By R.K.Mishra

The most inspiring chapter in the history of our Freedom Struggle .On March12, 1930 Gandhi jee started March from Sabarmati Ashram with 78 volunteers to Dandi on the Gujarat Cost for 25 dayes.

The march ended on April 6 1930.

Sarojni Nadu who joined the march in mid way observes “As the March continued, as days broke in to dawn ripened into dusk, we saw before our very eyes the history of the world changing. We saw the whole of India rising up with rekindled enthusiasm and faith.”

India Post has issued stamps over Dandi March on 2.10.1980 – 5.4.2005.

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  1. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Its so nice of you Sri R.K. Mishra ji…….. you have shared philately items and information/history related to Dandi March…. Also, you hv been sharing such philately related articles from time to time…… Your (re)search/dedication is highly appreciable…. Best wishes

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