India Post will Issue Commemorative Postage Stamp on Tigress Machhli

\"specialIndia Post will issue a postage stamp on tigress Machhli.Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot and Environment Minister Bina Kak informed this decision while releasing special cover on Machhli at Jaipur on 18th Sep 2013.Gehlot said that postal department has approved the request of releasing this stamp.

\"cancellation\"Machli is over 17 years old and has defied big cats’ general lifespan of around 10-15 years in the wild. Machli or T-16, is not only the most famous tigress of the park. It has also delivered and protected as many as 11 cubs. The tigress that once conquered a large portion of the reserve for over a decade and stood her ground against muscular hunks is now toothless and needs feeding unlike the royal battle she won with 14-foot-long crocodile at her enduring stage to protect cubs.
Her legendary fight with the crocodile created history and was also filmed. Thetigress, also called Lady of the Lake, was given the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT). Now she lives in the Lakarda area of the forest and has managed to add a bit more to her territory after the death of T-4. Said to be the most photographed tigeress in the world, Machhli has a fan page on Facebook. In her prime, she not only ruled the Lakarda area but also had the Malik talab, Tambakhan, Padam talab, Rajbag and lot more areas beyond the fort to her credit.
But at 17, Machhli is finding it difficult to hunt for food and often foresters have to tie a bait for her food. Sources said it is because of the marks on her face which resemble a fish that she was called Machli. 

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