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Wife hires hit man to kill husband: Pays with postage stamps collection

A Manhattan (USA)  woman was arrested Thursday after allegedly trying to hire a  hit man to\"cartoon\" kill her husband in exchange for $60,000 in rare stamps and jewelry. Elena Sava-Adams, 57, apparently hated her overweight husband Irving Adams, 66, to the point that she wanted to hire a hit man to run him over with a car. The couple\’s troubles were the usual ones, finances, according to the Daily News on Aug. 29.

Irving Adams was once a \”bigwig\” at Israel Discount Bank of New York, according to law enforcement officials. He was fired five years ago and has been unemployed since.The couple live in lower Manhattan, but Sava-Adams wanted her husband to be lured to Brooklyn to be killed because she figured there are not as many surveillance cameras there.

The would-be-killer wife   was attempting to set up the hit through an intermediary, who told her the murder would cost $10,000. Since she was cash poor, Sava-Adams offered up the valuable German stamp collection, along with some pricey jewelry.However, her plan went awry when the man she was dealing with went to police instead, sources say.

A meeting was set up Thursday in a parking lot in Sheepshead Bay. Sava-Adams allegedly chose the location because her mother-in-law lives there.She got into the undercover cop\’s car and they drove to Shore Road to discuss the murder. Unbeknownst to her, the meeting was being recorded, and she was arrested as soon as she uttered the incriminating statements.She was apparently hoping to cash in on her husband\’s life insurance policy once he was dead. Sava-Adams was charged with conspiracy and criminal solicitation.Several neighbors at the couple’s Battery Park City apartment called the couple odd, one even saying they seemed to live on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pizza.The  news couldn\’t help noting, \”she went postal\”.

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