Falkland Islands: Shallow Marine Surveys Group Stamp Issue

\"falklandShallow Marine Surveys Group (SMSG) were formed in 2006 by marine biologists and dive enthusiasts in the Falkland Islands. The group recognised that the shallow marine environment in the Falkland Islands is pristine, un-impacted by man and surprisingly diverse but almost nothing was known about it. Their initial aim was to provide species inventories for the habitats of this vast coastline and ultimately to produce a guide book so others could enjoy the amazing sites, habitats and species that are contained within it. Since they started in 2006 over 500 species of algae and animals have been documented between the intertidal zone and 20 metres in depth. These range from inconspicuous algae the thickness of a single cell to migrating whales exceeding 15 tonnes.

The theme of this set of stamps is rocky reef habitats in the three United Kingdom South Atlantic Overseas Territories. The species diversity and floral and faunal assemblages are extremely different in each of the territories and the reasons for this are due to latitude, oceanography and geographical isolation in terms of distance from other islands and continental land masses.

The issue consists of four stamps (30p, 75p, £1.00p & £1.20p) all with white borders, a sheetlet of 16 in staggered se-tenant format with the same values which bleed off and a souvenir sheet containing three £1 stamps, one of each from Ascension Island, Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

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