India Post Released Stamp on Lala Jagat Narain


\"fdcLala Jagat Narain (31 May 1899 − 9 September 1981) was the founder of the  Hind Samachar Group .Lala Jagat Narain, a and Congress leader, was born at Wazirabad   (now in Pakistan) \"lalain 1889. He graduated from D.A.V. College, Lahore in 1919, and joined the Law College, Lahore. He left his studies in 1920 at the call of  Gandhiji to join the non-cooperation movement. He was sentenced in two and a half years imprisonment, in jail . He participated in all the Satyagraha movement and was in jail for\"lala about nine years on different occasions..Narain was President of the  Lahore City Congress Committee for seven years, leader of the Congress Party in the Lahore Corporation, a member of the Punjab Provincial Congress Committee for more than thirty years and member of the All-India Congress Committee for about 30 years.

Lala Jagat Narain had come to  Jalandhar  as a refugee from Lahore and started an Urdu Daily  , Hind Samachar in 1948. In 1965, Jagat Narain founded Punjab Kesri  , a Hindi daily. He was shot dead by terrorists on September 9, 1981, near Amaltas Motel on the national highway while returning to Jalandhar from Patiala.

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