Jai-Hind in Indian Philately

\"jaiBy R.K.Mishra

Jai Hind inscription in Devnagri and Roman script provided over stamp & for cancellation over the first stamp of independent India on freedom struggle issued on 21.11.1947. Observation-The English version is above the Hindi in bolder letters. ( then Raj Bhasha Adhiniyam was not brought out)

The Jai Hind series consists of three stamps first issued on 21.11.1947 portrays the national flag-adopted on22 July 1947 by Assembly and presented to nation on behalf of the women of India.\"jai

The other two, issued on 15 Dec. 1947, depicts the State Emblem (lion capital, Sarnath) and an Aircraft soaring high in sky.\"jai

” JAI HIND” was popularized by Netaji and the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauz) for mutual greetings as also the battle cry.

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