Finland Issued Stamp on Classic Finnish Police Vehicles

\"finlandFinish Post issued a series of personalized stamps portraying old Finnish police vehicles.The first class stamps is sold in sheets of ten stamps. A limited edition of 15,000 copies of the sheet has printed.The old vehicles in the stamps have been selected in cooperation with the Finnish police administration. The following police vehicles are portrayed in the stamps:

Volvo PV444 Renault Goélette crime investigation vehicle Moskvitch Elite Peugeot 403 Volvo Amazon Sport Porsche 356B Plymouth Valiant Plymouth Fury Volkswagen Beetle Saab 99 GL At the moment, the Finnish Police have approximately 1,500 official vehicles, three quarters of them equipped with police car markings. Most of the unmarked vehicles have a siren and flashing lights; a great variety of car models is used. The new personalized stamp expands the variety of stamp themes.
The police vehicle stamps will be produced using Itella\’s renewed personalized stamp concept, to be adopted in August. The new personalized stamp system allows new stamps to have many new suggested themes to complement the range provided by the official Finnish stamp program.

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