Why Philatelists Are Not Getting Stamps and MS in India?

\"ebay\"By Shiv Garg

Much awaited 3rd week of August 2013 is also over but stamps on Indian Cinema still not made available for sale at any of the bureau throughout the country.  The stamps have already been officially released on 3rd May 2013 then why the department is not making these available to the philatelists of this country, why a fix date is not being given to start sale of these stamps across the country.  Here we are waiting for the stamps to come but the dealers at ebay are selling the miniature sheets in thousands in one go, how and from where they obtain all these is a matter of concern for an ordinary philatelist. I am reproducing here under a description given on eBay I downloaded.

  • \"ebayName of the Seller is there.
  • Description of the items put for sale is there.
  • No. of varieties, its face value, is put in a comprehensive list.
  • Post office sealed bundles contain full details of materials as well as from where these were issued.
  • It can easily be traced from which office these were issued on record.
  • Can these items be sold by India post to someone in full bundles or in huge quantity?
  • Is this not an offence if someone from the department, do like this?
  • Who can be held responsible for such a lapse?

Will India post take any action in this serious happening, adversely affecting its image?

In addition to this, an ordinary philatelist can buy as much quantity as he wish, any philatelic materials from various dealers in the country though these are out of stocks in all philatelic bureaus throughout the country. A cover released somewhere, today, may not be available there, the next day, but, that, can easily be bought from any dealer across the country, in multiples, the next day.Ordinary philatelists are the most effected by such occurrences, as such i through this write up, request all my fellow collectors, to bring to book, all such black sheep’s within and outside the department.

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32 Responses to Why Philatelists Are Not Getting Stamps and MS in India?

  1. Kasinath says:

    Some people are dealers, buying in quantities and sell in singles at reasonable profit to philatelists who missed to buy them at the counter.

    Some are investors to make money out of stamps. just investing in bundles from time to time, and sell at higher prices after some time.

    We want dealers in philately, not investors.

    just my few words… – Kasinath

  2. Jatin Shah says:

    This is gift of corruption which prevails in our country. This is not possible without support from insider. I am sure Govt is not going to do any thing to this burglar despite of all these evidences.

    • SHIV GARG says:

      Thanks Mr. Jatin, thanks for your comments, but I don’t think it’s possible only with a meager “inside support” rather it’s a proved case of fraud against the department by the people from department. Just think, post office sealed bundles with m/s in thousands, are being sold openly by fearless seller in one go. My just intention was to apprise the high ups as well as all genuine but ordinary philatelists, requesting to give it a wide publicity through other available channels like philatelic newsletters, printed news paper media, TV channels and or through personal representations to the department of posts. Even PhilaMirror admin should have sent a copy of this write up to the DDG Philately with a copy to Secretary Posts. It’s not a punitive action but a corrective measure and I desired to make it a movement in the interest of the philatelists. All documentary evidence available here are more than sufficient to prove what we want to say. But we don’t have any common platform or an all India body which may take up such cases with the authority concerned. This matter too requires a serious consideration by the senior philatelists. Anyhow…………………let’s see what happens…………………………………. Thanks,

  3. RIAZ KHAN says:

    I totally agree with you. I put forward this matter with the department of post and non of them have replied back to me. I also told them to start giving receipts of the stamps we purchase as there is no paper record of sale or purchase and stamps in bulk are sold in bundles to potential dealers.

    Modus Operendi- Since our MS are not serially numbered we cannot trace back the sale origin. As soon as the packet cover is removed no body can tell from where this ms has been purchased. It’s a hell life for simple philatelists like us but we have no choice but to be at the mercy of the dealers and this dark syndicate between the Post office officials and dealers.

    It’s really a shame, for example I recieved the Isreal India FDC from Isreal on time and in sufficeint quantity but I don’t have India – Isreal issue from INDIA. Such a pity.

    Our philatelic offices must be brought under some control only then we can have some guarantee about the stamps we can collect with out the mercy of dealers.

    If the postal officials do their work promptly and on time in-spite of drawing such good salaries and permanent employment there would not be any need of dealers.

    If you want to be a dealer then let them register themselves with he postal department and the department can regulate the prices.

    It’s just a thought I am pretty sure nothing will ever happen in our country for the good of people let alone a hobby.

    • SHIV GARG says:

      Thanks Mr. Khan I appreciate and regard your feelings but there is no end to our sufferings. The suggestions given by you, may not suit the postal authorities as these may diminish their happiness and joys. I just propose that every supply of philatelic materials, as and when supplied, be publically declared that so much quantity of said materials have been supplied to said Philatelic Bureaus in the country. Further all bureaus in the country be instructed to display the stock position on daily basis at each and every bureau giving the details what they received, what is sold and what remains in stock on daily basis. This was earlier in practice a Mumbai bureau but not now. Make it mandatory for every philatelist entering the bureau to sign in the visitor register there every time he enters there and the details of quantity bought. The stock position is not a difficult matter as they usually have to keep such record on daily basis. The practice ois already in use but they have just to display that. This can solve everyone’s problem.

  4. Dipti Mohanty says:

    This is indeed a very disturbing trend. Why not we philatelists are flooding the Philately Division of Deptt of Post a barrage of RTI applications asking these questions?


  5. I fully endorsed the opinion of shiv garg. Even I am also trying get the stamps of Indian Cinema Centenary…but still I did not get the stamps. GPO OF BANGALORE do not have much interest to provide the stamps.

  6. SHIV GARG says:

    My write up “Why philatelists are not getting stamps and MS in India” dated 02.09.2013 in PhilaMirror could get a very poor response from the readers and the real philatelists. It looks as if I was wrong and there is no such problem, being faced by the philatelists. All are getting their due share without any problem.
    Dear philatelists I feel sorry for bringing before you all, an unwanted subject matter, totally unrelated to you. Though there should have been a collective move to bring to book the faulty but my dear friends, totally ignored as if nothing happened. It was really a big fraud case with sufficient documentary evidence but …………………..
    Philately in India is progressing by miracles only. Number of philatelic dealers and philatelic newsletters outnumbered the philatelists in the country. Moreover India post is leaving no stone unturned to destroy the philately in the country. There are plenty of causes which concern ordinary philatelists. The first and foremost, just take the supply of philatelic materials; most of the philatelic counters in the country do not get supply of these items though post office sealed bundles in huge quantity are available for sale with the dealers across the country. Do you know there are many such philatelic counters which did not get supply for the last many years? I know one such counter which at one time had more than thousand PD account holders but now have in “two figures” only. More surprisingly, these PD accounts have balance but there is no supply for the last many years. I fail to understand how the authorities manage such situations; they are keeping the PD accounts with balances but no supply since many years. What a fun and my fellow friends just ignored it. In the past, a senior philatelist opened his mind through PhilaMirror, I endorsed his view fully and forcefully but nobody else came forward to point out the ongoing grave concerns.
    I was an ordinary philatelist, I am an ordinary philatelist and perhaps now I alongwith many more ordinary philatelists, may not be able to remain philatelists in the near future in the prevailing circumstances.
    Best regards,

  7. prakash bubkiya says:


  8. Dinu says:

    Dear Mr. Garg,
    I can understand your pain – and totally in line with you.
    Shame to India post.
    Do you know one speed posted article by me has gone missing and I have written / complained totally six times and got only one response that matter under investigation almost 9 weeks before.
    When you try to buy an MS you are a future customer and they have not been paid for a service, so they can ignore your just cry, and in my case it is clearly a inefficient service. what ever may be the case they neither they move nor budge. There is no accountability in existing system.
    Transperency — Let us not dream about it.
    RTI – I agree – but do all of us have time to spend for the hobby?
    They only take advantage of our handicap and ununited forum.
    On the same breath, till today, though announced for 3rd week of August, the aforesaid issue of 3 rd May are not available in Delhi Sansad Marg. By 03/11 /13 as per policy the FDC cancellation will become unavailable.

    Cry my beloved country – cry.

    • SHIV GARG says:

      Thanks respectable Dinu Ji, whatever you intend to point out in your note, all is “my voice” also. Just recall my comments in favor of your earlier note on this subject, thank God that they delivered your speed post article to the sender instead of addressee, they could have delivered that in New York also. No one is there to listen to you whatsoever the gravity of the matter may be. You know once I had to write to the Prime Minister of India itself, a similar matter, when all my efforts failed to find a solution and I got multiple calls from so called high ups feeling sorry for the matter. Another pending matter, I sent a registered parcel to a philatelic friend in Israel on 31.07.2013 which still not delivered at destination, I lodged an online complaint with India post on 27.08.2013 after waiting for a sufficient time but to my surprise the said complaint was closed on 30.08.2013 without any intimation to me. The said parcel is still undelivered. This is the working of India post. Just go to Foreign Post Delhi page on face book and see my remarks there. No responsibility, no accountability, no transparency, this is the only department where irresponsibility is always rewarded.
      Cry my beloved country………….cry

      • Dinu says:

        Respected Garg Saab,
        I supported your view fully and shared some points from my side to support.
        By the way , one small correction the speed post sent by me is not delivered. I have got no answer from IP.

        • SHIV GARG says:

          Res. Sh. Dinu ji, can you please let me know more details about this speed post article, you entire correspondence in this regard, a scanned copy of the receipt , your mobile no. and email ID, details of the contents inside, details about sender and the recipient. Thank God, my article sent to Israel have been delivered at the destination today.

  9. Dinu says:

    It is amazing to see these article, not available across the Bureau counter till date, advertised for sale.
    Surely some palm greasing has been done at the bureau from where these are released.

    Once I have heard a whisper that certain staffs at certain bureau connives a big dealer and in night burns oil to find out Error and Imperfs to give it to the biggest payer and then those are sold in Market in high value. That might be the reason why some people gets lottery.
    Money can get anything.

    They should be caught and severely punished.
    But are there any will to do so? Chalti ka naam gaadi

  10. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Sri Garg,do not up set your self because some body s not doing his job.India Post constitutes board were nominated philatelist members are there to see our interest, developmental work of PHLA .Regular and schedule supply were not followed or first stamps then cancellation and after some times Bro user,this all are not new,valuable stamps are sold in bulk only for profit consideration (Guru Govind Singh jee stamps ,miniatures,sheet lets,errors are sold in the market, the All India deta is with me) .The complains are made but without any positive result but even then the philately are practiced.The game of procuring phila products have involved a number high level officials.It is better we concentrate over creativity.
    With regards ,mishra

  11. Dinu says:

    Respected Mishraji,
    I beg to differ.

    Do you think that PAC members are looking for our interest.
    In this point I beg to differ and can have a open platform meeting with those gentlement to share some of my concern from my limited experience with them.

  12. Rajesh Kumar Sinha says:

    I really do feel that MS and Stamps goes out of post office and we do not get any MS. But in This case almost all the MS offered were available in post office in Quantities. One can easily would have collected all these MS in question without much difficulty. I do not know this seller neither i have purchased anything from him. But I do feel publicly any individual should not be de-famed.

    • SHV GARG says:

      Dear Mr. Sinha, Thanks for your comments but I could not understand your “wordy” favor for the philatelic dealer and or the India Post. Dear philatelist I do not know how many Philatelic Bureaus are there in the country and how many philatelists are living in the metros, state capitals and in other big cities of the country. How many philatelists are getting philatelic items regularly and easily but there are plenty of philatelists who are not getting regular philatelic supplies. I just know that majority of the philatelists in the country live in cities having no philatelic bureaus. There may be more than 500 philatelic counters in the country and most of the counters do not even get the philatelic supplies. Majority of these counters did not get philatelic supplies even for years, not to talk of regular supplies. If a philatelic dealer can get supplies in huge quantity, why not philatelic counters?

      I live in a city where there is no philatelic bureau and the philatelic counter did not get supplies since many years though there are more than thousand PD Accounts in this counter. I do not know how postal people manage to keep such PD accounts intact even without supplying even a single stamp since years. Philatelists like me, have to struggle to get all new issues. We have to spend, a huge sum, on managing philatelic supplies. We, the ordinary collectors, do not want supplies in “Quantities” but our share only, but that too, is not available, not to talk of “easily”. Dear friend I have no intention to defame any philatelic dealer or to doubt integrity of the postal people. But I have full right to speak about my sufferings. With due regards I beg your pardon, with a request to understand our problems, an ordinary philatelist’s, problems. Thanks,

  13. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Sri Dinu Jee,
    You may differ with my value added experience in philately I have gone through your points of difference in this particular case All things can not be discussed on an open platform
    .With regards mishra

  14. udit kasera says:

    Hi, even i am a dealer, and i totally agree with the view points of Mr. Garg ji, but as far as i can interpret, the MS situation is not that bad as depicted, the actual problem is not in getting the MS, but it is Getting the MS on the first week of its issue, just wait for a month and you will be able to buy all the MS @ face in any quantity from any major GPO, the main problem is that GPO officials do not provide the philatelist with the MS during the first day / week of its issue to create an artificial shortage and later on (say a month) the MS gets flooded in the market, which is a huge loss for Philately, Collectors & even dealers as they get the wrong notion of shortage of MS and purchase them in qty ans later-on regrets the same. The philatelic officials are not doing their work properly but the only way out for collectors is to wait for sometime and later on buy the MS from GPO when they get complete supply, THIS THEORY IS APPLICABLE ON ALL THE MS which are issued in quantity of 2Lacs and above, below 2Lacs ms are genuine shortage, and i think the cinema MS is issued 8.1 Lacs so no need to worry about getting it as I have discussed with many dealers and most of them are not keeping a stock of more than 100 whereas in usual they keep atleast 500-1000 MS!!!!!!!!

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Thanks a lot for the ‘Inside’ info.
      In my opinion, India Post should issue large quantities
      of low value (Rs.5.-, Rs.10.-) miniature sheets, so that
      cornering them becomes unrewarding.
      The multi-thematic, Rs.5.- value MS of R.Krishna Dev
      Rai was successfully cornered by the dealers. But, from
      the e-Bay sites one gathers the fact that in the last
      2 years it’s dealer price has come down from 100-120 to
      Rs.60.- _70.-. Itching collectors may have ended up
      paying more.

  15. Santanu Panigrahi. says:

    Thank you Mr. Shiv Garg for sharing such a nice information. This is a matter of concern. I have submitted the link to India Post as feedback and suggestion. I request all our philatelic fraternity to file complaint before the higher officials of India Post. Let’s hope that the matter will improve.
    Please visit the India post link and post your suggestion.

    • SHIV GARG says:

      Thanks Dear Panigrahi ji, thanks for your valuable comments, actually this should be the voice of the philatelists, facing problems getting philatelic items from the bureaus or the counters but everything is easily available with the dealers that too in huge quantities. Please made this a collective move of all the philatelists.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Shantanuji,
      Thanks for effort of Mr. Garg and you.

      I have become quite hopeless. I have send many such mails to official without any redressal.

      Two things, which have affected me are
      Dealer – official nexus is too strong and there is no punitive mechanism (I am yet to meet a dealer, who really gives a boost to philatelist to sustain the hobby – Just for info have met many lion in Sheep skin and at least for one I have deductible proof and planning to post to allow reader to make their own conclusion – but time is too short – hope by year end can do it). Else why does erros goes out to some person only?

      Official are busy in warming their chair – I have not seen grievance are getting resressed. (But then read Nicholas Nickelby by charles Dickens)

  16. Anup Kumar Goyal says:

    I would like to bring to your attention one most important feature of this Cinema Issue which almost all of you seem to have missed/overlooked.
    The Miniature Sheets of 100 Years of Indian Cinema was released at a Grand Function in New Delhi attended by many dignatories, politicians, Department Officials & Many other people with right connections.

    The MS was duly released and India Post also had a counter there to sell these MS, FDC & Brochres to the selected few present in limited quantities.

    This is the most incredible, unusual blunder by the India post people. Why did have to sell these there when they were not in a position to supply these to all th philatelic bureaus in the country.

    Some of the people with the right connections bought these and posted these FDCs on 3rd MAy itself and were offering these First Day Used FDCs at exhorbitant prices through various online sites. I wonder how some people can get to do this whereas thousands of philatelists all over the country could not even get one mint MS or FDC for themselves.

    If someone can throw some light on this please ?

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Not the fault of dignitaries & invitees of Cinema-100
      release function in May-2013.
      Those responsible for creating a humongous mess down the
      line are to blame. These bureaucrats holding high offices
      can easily be held accountable if some powerful leader,
      group of Indvls., a luminary lawyer etc. etc. gets after
      such wrongdoers, I suppose.

  17. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    I suggest this as an ‘OPPORTUNITY’ for Scholars (Economic study) to study ‘Philately: A case of/for (ever) growing (omnibus) corruption in India’
    Still there after with known conclusions we must say-“Mera Bharat Mahaan !!!”

  18. sreejesh says:

    Till today, on 25-09-2013, 100 Year of Indian Cinema MS not reached any of the four Philatelic Bureau in Kerala State. Philatelists managed to get it from Delhi/Chennai only. So pitty for India Post.


    The long discussion started with the listing in ebay of bulk quantity of miniature sheets. If we look into the items for sale one can understand very well that they were available in plenty across many buraux. Practically there was no demand for the miniatures. Even now the listing continues. Besides due to lack of demand a number of minuatures are sold in the general counter to be used in place of definitive stamps and many miniatures issued in the past are available in the Bureaux where there are no takers. The demand created for a few items should be addressed to. Indian cinema was issued in large quantity. But they all vanished purportedly sold in the general counter. Genuine philatelist are to go to the traders and buy it with premium. The set arrive late but vanished fast. Thanks to India post. Now again Musicians with high cost. Collectors of sheets are in great problem due to its high cost. Even the Miniature cost is Rs.80. As I come to know there will be a lot of defaulters among the account holders. The pricing of the stamps are vital factor to make or mar the philately as a hobby. By pricing at a such a steep value they are not only killing philately particularly among school children it also encourages traders with huge black money to hoard them easily for future sell. Since black market has become a rule rather than exception we have nothing to do with that. But I am sure the India post is killing Philately as a hobby due its pricing policy as well as its very poor distribution system. Soon it will RIP for Phialtely in India.

  20. Shiv Garg says:

    Like in the past, presently too, newly issued stamps on Swachh Bharat, a set of three stamps are fully out from the bureaus. Philatelists are facing problems in getting these stamps, poor philatelists!

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