Aland Issued New Stamps on Butterflies

\"alandIn August, all smartphone or tablet PC users can join the European Peacock butterfly for an enticing visit to several tourist attractions in Aland. August is when Aland Post presents a thrilling piece of stamp news!

The European Peacock butterfly belongs to the family Nymphalidae and has a wingspan of 55 to 65 mm. It is not a coincidence that the pattern of this butterfly reminds you of staring eyes, a perfect deterrent against predators. Potential predators will find the pattern of the fully extended wings alarming.

With this stamp, you do not only get a lovely and colourful stamp but also an interesting device. If you have a smartphone or a tablet computer you can download a free app by the name Sepac stamps. When you later scan the stamp, an entirely new world reveals itself!

This is a so-called AR-application. AR stands for augmented reality, which implies that information from your physical surroundings is mixed with three-dimensional information via the app. Scan the Peacock stamp and join the butterfly for a virtual tour around Aland, taking part of information and interesting facts about the Aland attractions Kobba klintar, Kastelholm castle, Bomarsund fortress, Pommern museum ship and the Maritime Museum.

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