J&K Circle of India Post: A Rare Distinction

By Anil Kr Pujara

J& K circle of India Post has achieved a rare distinction of being the only Circle in India where Special Covers are issued even at the drop of hat also. No other circle issues so many covers in a year as compared to J&K. Other circles like Maharashtra and Goa is releasing sponsored covers. But J&K circle is unique in many senses. The Idea of issue of Special covers appear in the dreams of the authorities concerned suddenly, instructions are passed on to prepare a design on computer, take print of 20-25 copies and next day Special Cover is released. Then officials concerned have to run from pillar to post to get the approval when at times comes after many months. The philatelists are forced to make frantic follow up with Bureaus to ascertain the availability of Special Covers (waste hell of their hard earned money to chase n purchase) the covers. Some are made available n some are not made available. Like SPECIAL COVER released last year on SADHBHAWNA DAY.

I have tried to collect all the special covers released from all over India. In the process I could gather the maximum special covers (maximum because MANY COVERS RELEASED and known are collected).I am trying to share the details one by one.

The first special cover of 2013 was issued on 02.02.2013 on the theme of \’WET LAND DAY’. Here is the image of  1st Special Cover released from Srinagar.\"jammu

The next was a set of 02 special covers issued by J& K Circle was on 21st Feb.2013.Here is the image\"jammu

4th Special Cover of 2013 from J&K circle of India Post was released on 15.04.2013. Here is the image.\"jammu

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2 Responses to J&K Circle of India Post: A Rare Distinction

  1. Dr Dheeraj Kapoor says:

    Very well said Pujaraji
    This can really frustrate a dedicated philatelist

  2. Rishi Swaroop Singhania says:

    A factual information and miscreative release of such covers

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