What are Cinderella Stamps ?

\"c7\"By R.K.Mishra

Cinderella stamp is anything resembling a postage stamp, but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration. Local stamps -stamps. Cinderella stamps are poster stamps  , propaganda labels, commemorative stickers, stamps issued by non-recognized countries or governments, court fee stamps, charity labels   like  Christmas seals and Easter seals, most  telegraph stamps, some railway stamps, some local stamps and purely decorative items created for advertising. In the United Kingdom many local carriage labels have been \"cissued by offshore islands, which in some cases had a genuine use to pay for transport of the mail to the mainland by ferry. Others were produced simply to sell to collectors and tourists. Usually they had to be placed on the back of the envelope, with a conventional stamp on the front to pay for onward delivery by the official postal service. Political and propaganda stamps while it is common to find patriotic sentiments on official stamps, the propaganda stamp are usually used to mean unofficial stamps produced to promote a particular ideology. Stamps with encouraging slogans have been attached to letters for prisoners of war, or troops serving aboard. \"c6\"Sometimes stamps are issued by breakaway governments, governments in exile or micro nations in order to give themselves greater legitimacy; however, these stamps usually have no postal validity are therefore Cinderella items. Indian National Army AZAD HIND  produced  ten stamps  as part of their campaign. From 1951 to 1966, UNESCO   issued a series of 41 \”gift stamps.\” to raise money for the organization. Railway stamp -In the United Kingdom, the railway letter service, a special facility offered by most British railway\"c4\" companies since 1891, produced a great variety of stamps and labels, which were originally an official requirement of the service. Current officially licensed Heritage railway   -operated services include the Ffestiniog Railway letter service. United Kingdom  railway letter stamps almost always specify a fee (often, even in Victorian times, priced higher than the current postage fee, which additionally had to be paid with regular postage stamps) for the use of this official and once-important British postal facility.

\"c2\"Design -The design of Cinderella items generally follows the principles of postage stamp design  , but they typically lack a country name, often replaced by the organization or cause being promoted, or a denomination  . Many Cinderella stamps are common, others were privately produced in limited numbers, are little-known

\"c3\"Azad Hind fauz has issued some stamps for their but they could not be issued so they are called Indian Cinderella stamps.

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