Lithuania Issued Stamps on Klaipeda and Vente Cape Lighthouses

\"lighthouse\"Lithuania has issued two new stamps featuring the Klaipeda and Vente Cape Lighthouses. The both stamps have been designed by the painter Vilius Brucas.

The Klaipeda Lighthouse is one of the first lighthouses erected on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the north-eastern side and set off on 1 September 1796.  Only a 4 metres authentic base has survived until nowadays through 200 years of its history. During the World War II, the lighthouse was fully destroyed. In 1953, it was rebuilt and improved. Nowadays the lighthouse is 44m in height, situated 500 meters from the sea, and the signal can be seen from the distance of 33 kilometers.

The Vente Cape is the most remote point in the west side of Silute District. Ships and rafts were exposed to great danger at this place. A wooden lighthouse with an oil lamp was erected in the cape of Vente in 1837. In 1860, the construction of a stone lighthouse started. Presently, the Vente Cape Lighthouse plays a symbolic role as navigation in the lagoon is not intensive.  Usually it shows the way in winter to ice-fishing persons. Nowadays, ornithological station carries out its activities in the lighthouse.

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