Another Blunder by India Post

Wrong Picture of Nobel Prize Medal Used for Cachet of Special Cover on Rabindra Nath Tagore

\"nobel\"nobelBy Anil Kr Pujara

On 9th July 2013, an Exhibition on Tagore was organized in Patna with the active support of Bihar Circle of India Post. Many veterans from the field of Philately from Patna and Kolkatta participated in the exhibition and exhibited their Exhibits. Even a special cover was also released with the approval of CPMG. Bihar Circle. The code of the Special Cover is BH/07/JULY/2013.The image of front n back of the special cover is given here. The cancellation depicts Rabinder Nath Tagore\’S Nobel Prize Medal. The second image in the cancellation is supposed to be of the medal. What is the image and what it reflects is not clear because of poor and hazy designing. Even it does not match with the image depicted by India Post on the miniature sheet issued on 07.05.2011. The image of Nobel Prize given on the MS is entirely different from that of used in cancellation under reference. It has created confusion in the mind of admirers of Tagore and Philatelists as which is correct image. Whether India Post of Govt. of India is correct or Officials sitting in CPMG office are Patna trying to run the show in their own way is correct.\"nobel

To understand the situation, telephonically enquiries were made with certain officials of Rabindra Parishad, the venue where the Exhibition was held. It was informed by the officials with the condition of anonymity that only venue was provided by them besides the image used on the Special Cover. Other than this, they had no role and design of the Cancellation was finalized by DoP Bihar Circle and they had no role in it. They further confirmed that they have also come to know from their sources that the design of cancellation used on the Special Cover is FAULTY and NOT CORRECT. But they are helpless in this regard as it is the HANDIWORK of officials of CPMGs Office at PATNA. In close guarded words they revealed the name of the official whose highhandedness resulted in this type of fiasco. It has indeed hurt the sentiments of millions of GURUDEVs admirers across the Globe. Even they expressed their anguish over the quality of paper used in getting the Special Cover printed n the quality of printing viz-a-viz the cost for which Bihar Circle has already Big name because of the EXHORBITANT N IRRATIONAL PRICING.

Further probe in the matter reveal that on one side of all the five medals of the Nobel prize bear Alfred Nobel\’s image. The symbolic imagery on the reverse side was influenced by long held ideals. The medals for Physics and Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Literature were designed by Erik Lindberg. Each bears an inscription from Virgil\’s Aeneid, a cornerstone masterpiece in the Western world for ages. The Latin phrase from book (or song) six of the Aeneid reads, \”inventas vitam juvat excoluisse per artes.\” This is sometimes loosely translated as \”And they who bettered life on earth by their new found mastery.\” A word-for-word translation is \”inventions enhance life which is beatified through art.\”

The imagery on the reverse sides of the medals follows the theme of the award. For Physics and Chemistry it shows a figure of Nature being unveiled by the Genius of Science. For Physiology or Medicine, it shows the figure of the Genius of Medicine with a book in her lap distilling from nature the water that will restore the young girl beside her. For Literature a young man kneels and is inspired by a Muse. And for the Peace Prize, three men clasp arms in a fraternal bond. The design used by Bihar Circle of India Post resembles with the design depicted on Nobel Prize for ECONOMICS N NOT LITERATURE. The design used by INDIA POST on MS issued on7th May 2011 is the DESIGN. But Bihar Circle of India Post has decided to change it n show the NOBEL PRIZE which was never awarded to GURUDEV and instead HIDE THE IMAGE OF AWARD WHICH WAS awarded to GURUDEV.

Helpless philatelists are left with no alternative but to cut their pockets and pay the exorbitant price to keep their hobby afloat carry the false information/ image. Indirectly, how much n in how many ways this hobby is being harmed can only be judged and imagined but not considered by concerned officials because of their arrogance, ego n hunger for publicty.Can these officials be held accountable or do they own any explanation to the millions of admirers of GURUDEV across the GLOBE whose permitted them to hurt their sentiments n conceal the correct information n project the false image?

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2 Responses to Another Blunder by India Post

  1. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Anil Pujara,your write up shows your concern love -knowledge of philately. The matter should be verified and corrected in the best interest of phila and Patna philately Bureau.

    ” jadi tomar … sune koi ekla chalo ,ekla chalo ”

  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    Sh. Mishra Ji, the write up has been put up after thorough verification n research only.

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