Pakistan:New Stamp Released on Meher Ali Shah

\"meherPak Post has issued a stamp under sufi saint series on Meher Ali Shah.

Meher Ali Shah was born 14 April 1859 in Golra Sharif near Rawalpindi.  He is renowned as a Sufi   saint, a great  Hanafi scholar upholding the position of Abdul-Haqq Dehlavi  , and especially for being at the forefront of the anti-Ahmadiyya movement. He wrote several books, most notably Saif e Chishtiyai, (The Sword of the Chishtis ).

In 1933, Shah was absorbed in his meditation and mystic trances. That year the philosopher Muhammad Iqbal had to give a lecture at Cambridge University on Ibn Arabi\’s concept of Space and Time. He wrote a letter to Shah stating that now there was nobody in all of  Hindustan whom he could consult in this matter, and requesting him to tell about Ibn Arabi\’s work. In this letter Iqbal stated with respect that he knew he was disturbing Shah\’s meditations, but as his motive was the service of Islam, therefore he dared to ask him a question. Shah however, due to his meditation and bad health, could not reply.

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