Interesting Facts About Stamps

By Anurag

  • \"christmasThe first Commonwealth Country to issue a stamp specifically for postage on Christmas greetings cards was Australia in 1957.
  • \"austriaThe first stamps issued specifically for postage on Christmas greeting cards appeared in Austria in December 1937.
  • \"blackThe first stamp to be issued, in England on 6 May 1840, was the Penny Black. It\’s called the Penny Black because it cost a penny, and it was black. The face on the stamp is Queen Victoria, who was Queen at that time. Just because a stamp is old doesn\’t necessarily make it valuable. The Penny Black is not rare – 68 million of them were printed – but if you had one in excellent condition it could be worth well over £1000.
  • \"afghanistanThe first stamps to bear the date of their production were the \’Tigers\’ of Afghanistan, which bore Moslem dates.
  • \"canadaSince 1935 Canadian stamps have had the date of their production concealed in tiny numerals in the design.
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2 Responses to Interesting Facts About Stamps


    Thanks Anuragjee. Nostalgic! This is what philately should be.
    About knowing the world. Randomly preserving it on beautiful
    little pieces of paper called stamps.

    Alas, I am only worth-centric. Investment type. Whatever
    nice remains with me is my habit of using commemorative
    stamps whenever I have to.

  2. Abnash Singh says:

    I think our learned philatelists have forgotten about the First XMAS stamps issued in 1898 by Canada itself. SG # 166, 167 and 168 were the three stamps with different shades issued on 7.12.1898 in the denomination of 2 cents being the Imperial Penny Postage. Design was in Black colour; British Possessions wer shown in Red and the oceans were shown in three different colours : Lavender, Greenish Blue and Blue respectively. Forgeries of this stamp also exist without horizontal lines across the continents

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