Latvia :New Stamps Released under Pets Series

\"latviaLatvia has issued a set of two stamps on cats under  the Pets series.The new stamps and first-day cover depict cats and kittens of various breeds and colors. The denomination of the stamps is LVL 0.35 (EUR 0.50) and LVL 0.98 (EUR 1.39), corresponding to the cost of mailing a registered letter within Latvia. The stamps have been designed by the artist Agita Paegle, illustrator of more than 20 children\’s books. The Pets series was launched in 2011 with a stamp depicting the rabbit.The cat (Felis silvestris catus), also known as the domestic cat, is a small, carnivorous mammal that was domesticated more than 9,500 years ago. The cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. According to a survey conducted in Latvia in 2011, 71% of people have selected the cat as their pet, and only 47% have chosen the dog.

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