Jersey Post Raises £5,000 from Jambo Stamps

\"jerseyJersey Post has given £5,000 from a fundraising initiative to Durrell Wildlife Park.The money was raised from philatelic sales during last year\’s sale of its Jambo commemorative stamps.Jambo, Jersey’s world-famous ‘silverback’ gorilla featured on four stamps and a miniature sheet to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing.The gorilla created headlines around the world in 1986 when he protected five-year-old Levan Merritt, who fell into the gorilla enclosure at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Jambo protected him by keeping the other gorillas away until Levan was rescued.He was not just famous for his heroics but he was the first male gorilla to be born in captivity, the first to be mother-reared and was one of the most prolific breeding ‘silverbacks’. The stamps were painted by stamp artist and conservationist William Oliver. Business Development Director of Jersey Post, Gary Carroll said he was delighted to commemorate Jambo’s life.

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