Identification of the Country from Stamps

By Sudhir Jain.

In the last week I had received four calls / emails from different stamp collectors, may be beginners, asking about some stamps. All of them were asking name of the country of particular stamp in which “OSTERRIEICH”, MAGYAR, C.C.C.P. DDR etc. words are printed. Although most of the stamp collectors may be familiar with these types of words, but some are unable to trace the name of countries. In the year 1968, when I started stamp collection, I had purchased a stamp album. In this stamp album, Identification Table was printed. I am exhibiting this table here for the help of such collectors.\"stamp\"stamp

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3 Responses to Identification of the Country from Stamps

  1. Saurav Chatterjee says:

    Wonderful guidance Mr. Jain!

    Here’s a brilliant online resource I use when I need to identify a stamp that isn’t in the English language.

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks Saurav Ji for excellent link. I am circulating it through Philamirror also.

  3. Brahmakiran says:

    G8 info. Thank u Sudhir jain n all

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