Brazil: Stamp on Visit of Pope Francis

\"brasilBrazilian Post is commemorating  the  visit of Pope Francis to Brazil, at the occasion of the World Youth Day  2013.The World Youth Day, an international meeting of the youth with the Pope, is to be held in Rio de Janeiro from July 23rd -28th 2013. Having as the motto :go and make disciples of all nations.

The image portrays, on the foreground, the smiling soft face of Pope Francis, irradiating sympathy and simplicity, in a gesture of blessing. On the background, the representation of the view of Guanabara Bay and, on the left, the monument Christ the Redeemer, symbol chosen for the event of the 28th World Youth Day – WYD Rio2013, are seen. The colors green, blue and yellow, used to compose the logo for WYD Rio2013, are present in the exuberant nature of the city and on the Brazilian flag. Above the flag, the official logo for WYD Rio2013 is depicted. The technique used is watercolor over paper.

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