Stamps on 100 Years of Indian Cinema will be Available for Sale from This Month

\"cinemaBy Sreejesh Krishnan and Anurag

India Post released 50 stamps on 100 Years of Indian Cinema on 3rd May 2013.Due to shortage of paper and some unknown reasons these stamps are still unavailable at counters. Now India Post has announced that these stamps will be available for sale from 3rd week of this month at all philatelic bureaus.

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7 Responses to Stamps on 100 Years of Indian Cinema will be Available for Sale from This Month

  1. prakash bubkiya says:


  2. ANIL KR PUJARA says:

    I think this is the first time in the history of India Post that a stamp is released but not made available at Bureaus for more than three months. India Post is not ashamed also in admitting this fact. INDIA SHINING?

    • SHIV GARG says:

      There are plenty of “first time in the history of Indiapost”, it is in no way can be a miracle. Indiapost is used to make such miracles. Now it has announced to open the sale from the 3rd week of this month but still there will be many changes. As per plan philatelists should go for buying on 16th of August being the first day of 3rd week buy i feel no one except “some special” will get these stamps. And all others visiting bureaus after that date will get a flat reply, the stamps already sold out, this will happen, i hope.
      There are thousands of philatelic deposit accounts in Bathinda Philatelic Counter but there is no philatelic materials supply for the last many years. I am unable to understand how they manage the account holders with supply of even a single stamp in many years.

  3. SHIV GARG says:

    Indiapost has devised such a magnificent system for all types of lapses that not even a single official is ever held responsible for any lapse, may it be of any magnitude. Some are being awarded or have been awarded with promotions even to the highest rank for such lapses.


    India Post is not as serious, not even remotely, about stamp
    collectors, a.k.a. philatelists as stamp collectors are.

    Their attitude towards philatelists mixed with Philatelist’s love
    for stamps mixed with stamp-dealer’s vile for making money on
    philatelists results in a foul-smelling, bad tasting brew.

    Every time my PDA fails to deliver me something that I might
    desire a lot, I feel obliged to go to a dealer who helps me &
    himself, of course.

  5. SHIV GARG says:

    Dear Sh. Sunil Garg Ji, Do not take it seriously. If the department is issuing the stamps, it means they are serving the philately. It is an open secret that most of the important issues are purchased by vendors and philatelic turned vendors for profit. After all they are the back bone of philately. So please make it a habit to bear all.


    If the department of posts , Govt. of India can be non-committal even to the issue of stamps released by Hon’ble President of India , no one can save this country. It appears that besides the shortage of paper which anyway may be an alibi , political jockeying and hard-core lobbying from various centres of movie industry might be delaying the publication of these commemorative stamps through philatelic bureax.

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