Russia Issued Stamps on XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

\"russiaRussian post issued three stamps featuring three winter sports that will be presented at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014: bobsleigh, Nordic combined and figure skating.

Bobsleigh is a winter sport in which teams of two or four make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled. The timed runs are combined to calculate the final score. In the Olympic program three types of competitions includes: men in two-and four-seat sled, women in two-seat sled.

Nordic combined comprises ski jump and ski race for 10 km. The Olympic program in Nordic combined for men includes three types of competitions: individual championship with a jump from an average springboard, individual championship with a jump from a big springboard and a team championship (two jumps from a big springboard for each participant and 4×5 km relay).

Figure skating is the oldest discipline in the Olympic Games. Back in the 1908 figure skating competitions for the first time were included in the program of the Olympic Games in London. The program of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi includes the following figure skating competitions: individual competitions among men and women, pair skating, ice dancing, and team competitions.

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