Thiruvananthapuram Post Offices in Capital Running out of Stamps

Despite attempts to sort out the crisis by the Department of Posts, a shortage of stamps that\"definitive are much in demand has been felt across the post offices here for the last few months. Now, the demand is being met by issuing stamps of smaller denominations from the existing stock.Post offices across the state are suffering from the scarcity of stamps of smaller denominations, especially Rs 4 and Rs 10. Now, the public demand is being met through the sale of stamps mostly of Rs 5 denomination. As a result, the post offices are swiftly running out of Rs 5 stamps.

According to the postal authorities, a shortage does exist, but it is yet to reach acute levels. “Stamps are there for public usage, but not for bulk demands. There are not enough stamps to satisfy bulk customers and for diversion purpose,” officials said.The stamps have started coming from Nagpur according to the intentssent to the Circle Stamp Depot (CSD). The postal department had earlier directed to divert stamps from Patna to the state, but this was not brought into effect. The stamps of Rs 4 denomination will soon be available as the supplies have started coming, according to the officials. Stamps of Rs 10 are expected to arrive in the next supply, they added.Each year, the list of stamps that are deficient in each postal circle is issued by the CSD following the intents sent to it.

The range of denominations of excess stamps is different for each circle. This time, when the estimate was made, the CSD had suggested to divert excess stamps from each circle to the circles where there was a deficit of stamps of that denomination. The complication of the process had caused much delay and had also affected the calculation of requirement after the diversion.

The post offices in the Kerala circle had experienced an acute shortage of the smaller denomination stamps earlier also. Then, the reason cited was the short supply of stamps from the India Security Press (ISP), Nasik.(Source-Indian Express)

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