Route Of The Portuguese Cathedrals Stamp Issue

\"portugueseMeandering along more or less complex historical paths, embodying centuries of experiences, Portuguese cathedrals are closely tied to the very origins of the territorial logic and strategies of cities. Still distinctive nowadays in their surrounding landscape, they play a crucial role in our understanding of the structure and organisation of the constructed urban grids.

Fundamental constructive matrices, representing the most surprising creations, undersigned by important artists, at the cutting edge of style and architecture of each era, also unique in the aesthetic paradigms they convey, frequently acclaimed as models of inspiration in the most varied of times.

Living expressions of an unrepeatable history, which calls out to be shared and esteemed, to enable them to portray their mission today and materialise such fruitful potentialities; a conscious commitment to an appropriate management and conservation strategy is urgently required. Inevitably based on the historical and interdisciplinary study of each monument, constituting, perhaps, an opportunity of reflection on their role in current times. The solidity of this knowledge will give rise, naturally, to the effectiveness and quality of communication instruments, essential in the process of dissemination and valorisation of this heritage amongst all stakeholders.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 06.06.2013
Designer: Atelier Design & etc
Printer: Offset
Process: Cartor
Size: 30,6 x 40 mm
Values: €0.36, €0.80

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