Indian Telegraphy:Full Stop

\"telegram\"By Abishek Jalan

The Indian Telegraph system started in 1851. The telegraphy was one on of the most effective network system of the British Raj and was widely used for effective rule. The \"telegramtelegraphy system was one of the reasons British were able to reign upon us for so long. The telegraph system was gone under a change through period of time and new and effective as well a fast means were discovered. The only thing didi not change over period of time was the mode of transportation and it is cycle. The basic reason for this development was an effective mode of communication in areas where other modes of transportation was significantly slow or not at all possible as India is a country of Villages.\"telegram

Telegram Delivery Envelope

The telegraph consists of two parts are Telegraph and Phonograph. Telegraph deals with messages sent by going to a telegraph office and conveying the message through a fill up form available. Phonograph deals with messages sent through a BSNL landline to the phonograph office. The messages are conveyed here and the bill amounting is collected in the monthly bill.\"telegram

The importance of a mail runner was significantly large and was given huge importance. Even the most importance procession was paused as the mail runner passed. With the passing time and advent of new communication technologies the remark of telegraph gradually decreased as people switched to landlines, cell phones and internet. The amount charged for telegram was Rs. 30 for 1 to 30 words and then word wise amount was collected.

15th July 2013 is marked in history as the service is closed from today and this centuries old service will no longer be available for anyone. The telegraph department employees were unhappy over this turn of event and their sad faces over forced smiles were easily visible. Certain employees were in their furry of years of service and had climbed the steps of promotion from mail runners to desk work and narrated their experience with envy but the mere mention of closing down of telegraph service wet their eyes.

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