New Canadian Stamps to Promote Pet Adoption

\"canadaA new series of stamps is called the “Awareness” series.  It features two areas in which we can take more social responsibility.  Namely, caring for children by becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister.  And caring for animals by adopting a pet.

The Pet Adoption series offers sheets of five permanent stamps for $3.15 and a booklet of 10 stamps for $6.30.  They feature a boxer, a Great Dane, a tabby-and-white long-haired cat, a black short-haired cat with a little white trim, and a bright green parakeet. They are pictured in cages with the doors wide open.  The stamps are beautiful, and they carry the message “Choose adoption” on each one.

The cliché about dogs and the mail used to be the image of the dog threatening the postman.  While that may still occasionally occur, here’s the chance to change that perception of the relationship between dogs and the post.

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