Year Book of Indian Philately :A Great Job of Madan Middha

 Book Review by Abishek Jalan

The book deals with an effort done by Indians at different levels of Exhibitions and Competitions around the world. The book has won commendable acclaim every where, at \"indianhome and on International grounds. The editor gives all the credits to philatelists for the achievements heartedly.

The book starts with winners at International Exhibitions. Different exhibitions took place are INDONESIA 2012, IPhLA 2012 and SHARJAH 2012. Next is the scorecard of Indian participants in the International Exhibitions 2011-2012.  Then is the list of all forthcoming Shows and its schedules. Some of them are TEL-AVIV 2013, AUSTRALIA 2013, THAILAND 2013, PHILAKOREA 2014, LONDON 2015 and many more.

“MY STAMP” Personalised Stamp of India by ASHOK BAYANWALA, AHMEDABAD is the next attraction in the book as the writer gives a complete detail of My Stamp printed in India with specific place detail and the quantity of sheets printed.

INDIAN BAZAAR CARDS (Mirror of Social History) by NARESH AGARWAL, BILASPUR reflects the wide range of Post Cards and Postal Cards. His work on history of Indian Postal Card and Indian Bazaar Post Cards gives a lot of detail on its genesis and its use. Different Cancellation and Post Marks along with technical aspects, size and dimensions, color of cards, printers and publishing and circulating area along with thematic differences is seen.

INDIAN MINIATURE PAINTINGS by DR. SATYENDRA KUMAR AGRAWAL, VARANASI depicts the life of Mughal Emperor’s, Rajasthani Kings, Pahari Schools Paintings on stamps around the world.  The movement of art from one era to other is also shown through various stamps.

BRIDGES IN INDIA by ILYAS PATEL, AHMEDABAD tells about the History of Pre – British Period Bridges and an introduction about them is also given. The different shape and structure of Bridges and the type of construction material used is discussed using various stamps which tell us about the knowledge of author regarding stamps and the diversity of themes created and used.

SERVICE STAMP (Official Stamp of Free India) by MADAN MIDDHA, GWALIOR is a record of service stamps printed and used in India. The writer tells us about the different series of stamps circulated over the period of time and the work is highly skilled and informative.

VIRTUAL PHILATELY by SUDHIR JAIN, SATNA gives us a new and rare kind of theme that is Virtual Philately. Along with the development in Science this new theme has come in to existence. Virtual Stamp Albums, Virtual Collection, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Museums, Virtual Stamp Clubs, Virtual Literature and many more topics are discussed here in the book.

 R.M.F.M. (New Genre of Indian Meter Franking) by YEAR BOOK EDITORS gives us an anatomy of the New Meter Marks and the migration plan for phasing out the old electronic franking machines.

Issue program of stamps for the year 2012 and 2013 is mentioned in the book. Other issues such as Postal Stamps, Postal Stationary, APS Covers, Special Postmarks, and other details such as Miscellaneous Issues, Detailed Prospective, Postal History of 2012,  Events and Exhibitions of 2012, Society News and e-Philately 2012 is discussed. Indian Postal Rates of different items as of December 2012 is given in the book.

Overall the book gives us a complete list of events and activities in a particular year. Hope to see more books each year so any missed event can be viewed here.

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2 Responses to Year Book of Indian Philately :A Great Job of Madan Middha

  1. Dr. Sumithra Devi says:

    “Year Book of Indian Philately “:A Great Job of Madan Middha- Seems to be a book worth possessing. Would like to know the cost and the availability of it.

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    This book Year Book of Indian Philately 2012 is available with Mr. Madan Midda, Saket Nagar, Falka Bazar, Gwalior (M.P.). Cost is Rs. 300/- inclusive of postage.

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