Stamp Show Begins in Patna:Special Cover Released on Rbindranath Tagore

\"tagoreBy R.K.Mishra

A stamp show on Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindra nath Tagore has started in Patna on 9 th July 2013.On the first day a special cover was released on Rabindranath Tagore.Cost of special cover is 50 Rs.Cancellation- image of Nobel prise-front and reverse

Back mmage:R.N.Tagore’s spring Festival Bbasant Utsav) at Shantiniketan, were Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba were the chief guest

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8 Responses to Stamp Show Begins in Patna:Special Cover Released on Rbindranath Tagore

  1. SHIV GARG says:

    Dear friend, thanks for the post on special cover. The price is mentioned, i think this has never been mentioned in the past. It’s good if you can also mention from where anyone can buy on reserve price. Thanks and regards,

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    I think India Post Bihar Circle is leading in leaving no stone unturned in ENCASHING /BLACKMAILING the sentiments of Philatelists. Any justification for keeping the price Rs.50/= of this Special Cover? Everyone can judge the motto of using this image( GANDHI) more so when in the past the same image has already been used by U.P. Circle in the recent past.


    • SHIV GARG says:

      A miniature sheet with a stamp of Rs.5.00 issued on Oct 18, 2008
      Delhi 2010 19th Commonwealth Games was/is being sold for Rs 20 at all its sales outlets through out the country.

      Is it being sold on postal value, on printed face value or on market value? Is there anyone from postal department to tell the philatelists of the country.

  3. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Garg jee,
    you can talk over land line of Patna Bureau 0612-2236937.Regards
    Dear Pujara jee,
    No depute over your statement,many things cant be talked publicly.

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Respected Sh. Mishra Ji, With Due Regards to You, some protest/open debate is required to check the dictatorial n unilateral approach of concerned officials practised by them to gain Press Publicity n cheap popularity in the name of promoting so called Philately. What a innovative n adventurous way to promote philately…… Ha….Ha… Ha…

  5. SHIV GARG says:

    Dear Sh. Mishra ji,
    I still remember your words dated 12.06.2013 published in Phila-mirror,
    “The selling out postal and special issues by any circle got technical and administrative hurdles; these are printed in limited numbers for the circle development plan of Philately. Most of the important issues are purchased by Vendors and philatelists cum vendors for profit even the Bureau people are helpless.”

    There are hundreds of thousands philatelists in the country and all are very much eager to promote philately in the country. But if a cover is sought by a philatelist outside Patna he is being told that it is impossible because the materials being issue is meant for the vendors and philatelists cum vendors for profit. Will you please elaborate how bureau people can be helpless?
    In such circumstances what will be the benefit of talking with bureau people?

  6. SHIV GARG says:

    Sh. R. K. Mishra ji’s sentiments dated 12.06.2013 in Phila-mirror be brought to the knowledge of chief Post Master General, Bihar, so that these vendors as well as philatelists cum vendors be identified and that in future no philatelist may feel so helpless and the honour of the bureau people too restored. Sh. Mishra ji is a senior philatelist and he should lead the philatelic community.

  7. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Dear Sri Garg ,I stand by my statement dated 12.06.2013 , I also said that many things cant be talked publicly and my ex-poser is only with Patna Bureau and its working.
    ” It’s good if you can also mention from where anyone can buy on reserve price. Thanks and regards,”
    And I have responded to your request. “Bandook hamare kandhe per na den’ .

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