New Europa Stamps 2013


\"croatiaCroatian post Mostar traditionally issues EUROPA stamps, special stamps which are issued under the patronage of PostEurop. These stamps have a unique central theme and are protected with EUROPA logo. They have been issued since 1956, when 6 countries issued total 13 stamps with the common design. The idea of common design was replaced by the idea of common theme in 1984, which was also the CEPT’s (European Conference of the administrations of Posts and Telecommunications) 25th Anniversary. This year’s common theme of EUROPA 2013 is postal vehicles.Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued two commemorative postage stamps in se-tenant, in sheet of 10 stamps (8 stamps + 2 vignettes), sheet of 4 stamps, postmark and the first day cover (FDC).

Size: 35.50 x 24.14 mm Paper: white, 102 g, adhesive Comb perforation: 14 Print: Zrinski d.d. Čakovec Value: 3.00 BAM Date of issue: 05. 04. 2013 Sheet: 10 stamps (8 stamps + 2 vignettes) and sheet of 4 stamps


\"gibraltar1914 Rover Motor Cycle Combination DU 5660: In 1914, 20 Motor Cycle Combinations, with a capacity of 18 cubic feet, were introduced to replace postmen on horseback on rural deliveries. They comprised 4 Rovers, 10 New Hudson and 6 Douglas machines. They were all single cylinder of 3½ horsepower with wicker or metal side carriers. The stamp depicts one of the 4 Rovers that operated at Helensburgh, Slough and Alnwick. Livery of the machine is black but for the fuel tank in gold with the darker sections in bright red. Mail was carried in a wicker basket with brass sidelamp attached.

 1928 Electromobile 1-ton battery-electric van YX 7649: 1928/29 saw experiments with electric vehicles and YX 7649 was one of 3 Electromobile 1-ton vehicles built on chassis imported from the U.S.A. It was used in Leeds until about 1935. Livery is ‘Post Office red’ with a black roof, black chassis and black wheels. The oil lamps are black and the electric lights are red.

 1911 Dennis mailvan used on London contract services LE 304: In 1970 the Post Office decided to build a replica of one of the mailvans used by contractors in the London area. The chosen vehicle was a Dennis 2-ton van operated by McNamara & Co. Ltd. McNamara started to experiment with motor vehicles on its Inner London mail contract with the GPO and some 67 motor vans were in operation. McNamara continued to provide contract services to the GPO until after the Second World War. The replica was built by the Post Office on a BMC 250JU chassis and this was fitted with replica bodywork built by the Post Office at its Kidbrooke repair depôt. It is finished (incorrectly) in the later brighter currant red adopted by the GPO in 1968.

Date of Issue 20 June 2013,Design-Stephen Perera,Photography-John Batchelor MBE,Process Offset Lithography,Colors-4,Size-40×30 mm


\"hungaryDate of issue: 3 May 2013 Ÿ  Total face value: HUF 940 Ÿ  Number of copies issued: 80,000 Ÿ  Imperforated size of the miniature sheet: 120 x 70 mm, perforated size of the stamps: 40 x 25 mm Ÿ  Printed by ANY Security Printing Company Ÿ  Designed by Zsolt Vidák

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