An Easy Way to Identify Country of Stamps

Flag plug-in cards from Germany

\"stampParticularly for young people , it is not easy to identify the country.NEW Since there are now help in the form of flags plug-in cards.Them on the national flag is displayed. This is the name and the proper name of the country as it is printed on the stamps.This facilitates the assignment of the Stamps very, an asset to your Album.\"stamps

In addition, it looks optically great in the gallery if you recognize the nationality immediately.These flags plug-cards are also available as a \” tab/Reiter\”.One sees also the closed album where the land is located.

No more long search.Available in different sizes.

An exclusive colour appreciation and relief for every Stamp Collector. Originally invented for the German space , these are also in English version at For young and old , a nice addition for any collector. Contact and wishes:

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