New Czech Stamp on Franz Kafka

\"kafka\"Czech Post issued a stamp  on 26 June 2013 dedicated to Franz Kafka. The stamp’s motto is LAWLESSNES – TIMELESSNESS – METAMORPHOSIS. The composition of the stamp is based on an austere geometric module. The stamp portrays a realistic-looking beetle.As a symbol of relentless metamorphosis, not always for the better, the beetle is set in austere, even unsympathetic modules.

Franz Kafka – a Prague-born, German-language writer of Jewish origin. He is best known for his novels The Trial, The Man Who Disappeared (also known as America), The Castle, and short story The Metamorphosis. The key part of his work was almost unknown and only a few short stories were published during his lifetime. Kafka became famous posthumously, mostly after World War II. Today, he is considered one of the 20th-century classics and a renowned innovator of the prose narrative form.

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